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There is a constant barrage of complaints that women are not being recognized for their supposed achievements as much as men are. However, almost inevitably when I see women, especially American women, engage with STEM, it ends up being from some touchy-feely perspective. As soon as you have some blabbering about the social implications of this or that technology, you will have people like Kate Crawford. The only thing I was surprised about was that she did not have her pronouns in her Twitter bio. But, inevitably, their timeline will be full with some virtue signaling for the latest social causes, like BLM, something about how women are oppressed, and just about the softest version of the scientific field they are in one can imagine.

Despite their whaling about the oppression of women and support for girl power, industry seems to hunger for women and minorities it can decorate their leadership positions with. When people like Elizabeth Holmes enter the stage, we often ask in hindsight who could have known, why those people go on undetected for so long, while we virtually beg for scammers like these to prop up their ranks among diversity hires and minority quotas. It's the same, tired, regurgitated take on current politics and social issues. You can practically read the script without having done an ounce of research, which is why these positions are perfect for people like that. Women oppressed, white men bad, society biased. Apply this to any field you like and you have it made. Be it gaming, sports, STEM, math, machine learning - you name it. The formula fits everywhere.