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First time using SoundCloud, so we'll see how long they let this stay up before they take it down for copyright violation. But in my defense, I did get verbal approval to use his music after meeting him after his last show of the "Look Into The Eyeball" tour in 2006. We were watching the Extra Action Marching Band in the lobby after his show and he said as far as he is concerned, his music was meant to be shared, re-interpreted and played. He is a very tall fellow. But his show the night before a the Fillmore was in the top three best shows I have seen in my life. The others are all 50 of The Jerry Garcia Band shows I was blessed enough to see and Richard Thompson with his full, Amazing Band at the Six Rivers Brewery in Eureka, California. David Byrne blew my mind. At one point, because of the "Heightened State of Awareness" I was in, during the song "What a Day that Was", his wings unfolded as the flames poured off of the stage. "We're goin' BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. And that's the way we live. And in a GREAT BIG ROOM. And that's the way we live..."