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Jury justice is a lie, not only for rape cases.

But what is up with this guy? He sounds like he has been pegged without knowing what it was before consenting.

What makes it worse is that women are raised without emotional restraint. Men are conditioned by being shamed, mocked, and insulted. So boys eventually just grow up and not say anything and endure silently. Women are allowed to do everything men are hated for.

What fetish world does he live in? This is wrong for all of the world, every institutionalized religion and then some. Great if you're stuck in a world watching 'my sweet 16' tirades of wealthy girls going mental about a car, having a break down over a declined proposal and shaming men for looking at their see-through panties, it's a 'well-off' disease not exclusively for women, people can be dicks. Just stop watching TV.

Killing a man is less offensive that calling a woman a stupid whore.

To whom? His mom?

I really love the post to which Sol_Install is reacting:

Bunch of wannabe Hitlers is all they are.

Like somehow, people don't know how Hitler and the NSDAP started bitching about 'the jews' the exact way these people go mental about 'all women' 'enslaving men'. (Or even know what the Nazi view on women was...