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Cool, he's becoming a Purism marketing dude/evangelist.

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Purism are really helping the FOSS market with the systems they're producing, but they aren't really accomplishing what they claim to (make a completely open piece of hardware).

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I'm sure they want to. I think their phone will have closed source phone/modem firmware only. I assume that if enough people hop on the privacy train, that eventually it becomes possible to have open hardware. The market has to prove it's there to support this.

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Except, ThinkPenguin has existed for years.

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ThinkPenguin is just lipstick on a pig? I see Intel CPUs and Realtek network cards that might have proprietary firmware.

At any rate, the Snowden leaks and all of this political censorship has reignited privacy advocacy. I look forward to a Kickstarter someday for an open network card. Maybe Purism will get it done.

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ThinkPenguin hardware doesn't require proprietary blobs. Their firmware might be proprietary, but Purism's is.

I have faith that Purism will be able to do something, though.

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I'll take it from wherever I can get it. I guess I'm a Purism fanboy after watching one of those dudes on an hour long podcast. He said all the right things.

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I really want one of those laptops, but not enough to buy one. I might go for a ThinkPenguin, but they're quite old. (You can run completely FOSS software on them, though!)

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You can run completely FOSS software on them, though!

What is your purism beef? Are you saying there's blobs in PureOS? Are you saying PureOS only support is a drag?

This makes it sound like there are no blobs, and they also use coreboot for bios

Edit: PureOS is on the Stallman approved list even:

And you can switch to a different OS too.

Their firmware might be proprietary, but Purism's is.

I guess I'm asking about this part. The ThinkPenguins do look really nice too. They're all Intel CPUs anyway.

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Purism is great, but it's not perfect. I recommend reading this criticism, if only because it's critical.

(I still want a one, though.)

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It is a fact that GNU IS a part of Linux wherever Linux is running right?

This isn't a fact, actually. The Linux kernel can be used happily with an OS other than GNU.

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Did you watch it? He lays that out.

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Have I ever watched a video? :-p Though, I do already know the facts about this situation, and plan to watch this one for the opinion when I've got free time.

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Take off your ass hat and watch a video before commenting on some screen grabbed out of context text.

When you assume, you make an ass out of u, butt not me.