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sick. XFCE is the business.

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    I don't know where to find it, it simply came installed by default, maybe it's on Debian as well. Have you found the setting to change the theme? (It's 'window manager' from the control panel.)

    If you don't have 'gtk' or any nice themes by default, perhaps you'll like one of these themes. Here are installation instructions.

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    Fyi: This is like looking at the tip of the gigantic shaft with both balls dangling deep below surface once you start using reasonable OS for your devices.

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    I recently built a 16TB data server using an an old computer I found in my study and some chinese pci sata controllers. The first thing I always try to do with these old machines is use linux. They claim to be simple and there are many cut back versions.

    Theyre all shit. Every time. Either its too bloated and slow or contains absolutely nothing and have to spend hours downloading and configuring shit by hand. I installed 98, xp and ended up leaving sparky linux on. I had an easier time setting up the drives in win98 than I did linux. This was the first time I used debian on a server and I went to look at setting up windows smb to share on my network and I decided it wasn't even worth the effort. In the end win xp was using less resources than linux anyway and decided on that so I could handle security a bit more easily.

    Why am I ranting this much? Because people are always like, OH COOL LOOK AT THIS TINY INSIGNIFICANT THING THAT MAKES LINUX COOL and its useless shit every time.

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      Modern ubuntu (and slowly mint, as they abandon what used to make mint great) is no different to modern windows. Note that I was only referring to old windows. Win 8+ hate is a given. The note here is that modern cut down versions of linux are still not as good as old windows.

      Windows 7 and less has minimal bloat. The bloat that exists can easily be permanently turned off. The bloat in linux is almost impossible to handle. When I installed sparky min gui, it's memory footprint was almost double that of my cut down xp install. The tools to and knowledge needed to do the same things I did to win xp, to linux, is absolutely disgusting.

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        are you trying to run a server without knowledge

        This sums up the linux community when I point out why linux will never be as good as windows (was).

        Modern Ubuntu is for faggots. I've said everything I need to.

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          XP is using less resources than most of the linux distros I use.

          Security is for people who don't know how to use a fire wall.

          Why would I buy and use new hardware when I have perfectly good old hardware? Also new hardware is mostly garbage, specially since bios was abandoned.

          Sure, I don't know what Im doing. Can't argue knowledge level against someone who thinks modern ubuntu is ok.

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            Everything that a server needs to do that does not require a modern operating system. In this case, data storage. I can also run a large variety of other non resource intensive services. Modern hardware is rubbish. The software behind it, is rubbish. I get perfect piece of mind and minimal frustration in just setting up and using old tech than new. EUFI marked the end of what was good.

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