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I use it. Be warned though. Artix has begun to be more ambitious in their independence. Maybe a bit too ambitious.

It used to be that you could install anything in the arch repository. They decided more of their own repository should be used, and used exclusively, which leaves some packages unavailable. This even effects AUR if you think you can get around it by avoiding the pacman repositories all together, because many AUR packages end up with dependencies that are now only available in Arch.

Before it would have been accurate to call it a distro of flavor of Arch, like Manjaro is. Now it is a fork, and not a 100% complete one. Before then there was zero reason to disconsider installing. Now you really do have to weigh if it will be a toy or a practical daily driver.

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I think manjaro used to have a openrc version

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My first introduction to openrc was Artix. I do like it quite a bit. I'm just getting tired of needing software and not being able to install it. I can brute force installing anything by manually compiling all dependence. I did that when I was young. It was a good way to learn about linux and different build environments. I did my share of it and I'm far to focused on doing real world things to be in those kinds of weeds.

I'm not even that involved in tech anymore. It's now only 1/3rd my time instead of 110% of my time. So I have to ask myself, with the small amount of time that I have to touch tech, do I want to spend it compiling things or actually doing something interesting and productive? For that reason I need a system that installs everything correctly in one command line. A few say Arch is hard, but because it does do that it's as easy as any other distro like ubuntu.

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