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yeah good points. There might be room for radios in the new internet too, especially to increase the range in rural areas. not that you could ever watch a video over that connection. oh you're the radio guy. are there any registration free bands that you can send digital info over? just trying to get to like a 10 mile range, nothing too crazy.

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yea, the use of radio would be cool, the best license/registration free band would be 11 meter cb radio :) i get around a 40-60 mile range with an antenna about 30 feet up from the base :)

if you want, i could have set up a demo of 11 meter sstv and rtty data communications between me and a friend :)

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yeah man, that's the stuff. that sounds perfect for what I'm imagining. some kind of low bandwidth high range option for when/if stuff seriously hits the fan. it can mesh into the wifi stuff.

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yea, i figure sstv and rtty could be used by cb radio and pirate ham radio operators to transmit data farther out if theres a big gap between local meshnets