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TRANSLATION: In the Moscow region Russian police while tracking a suspect found an afflicted child who lived with cats in a landfill made apartment. The child was found by complete luck – law enforcement officers noticed in the street a suspicious pensioner who suddenly tried to hide by climbing into a window of a private house. When inside, the officers spotted garbage filled rooms and corridors. Everywhere were dirty belongings but in the middle they found many cats and a child. The child was found in an apartment in Taldoma, Shedrina Street. By his appearance the child was around 3-4 years old but the issue “Moscow’s Komsomoļec” clarify that a six year old girl is found. She cannot speak and walks on all fours and understand only “kis-kis” (Like calling a cat but in Russian). She was accompanied by 19 cats with whom she grew up. The girl was transferred to a hospital but her caretaker a 65 old Muscovite questioned. Who is he to the child is not clarified. However “Express Newspaper” says that there were two girls – six year old Dace and eleven year old Mišana and their forty eight year old mother who is a citizen of Latvia. The oldest daughter did not remember the last time she was in school. The girls lived on cat food. Basically Russians saying that Latvians are just some animals, as fucking always.