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Poor Tortured Soul.

The media has called Joe Biden the President-Elect which is absolutely not true. Consumers of main stream media will find this information shocking. There are at least 72 million disenfranchised citizens of the United States right now. We are not stupid people. We can see what’s happening. And we are still in the fight for every legal vote.

Here’s the facts: There wasn’t voter fraud; there was deep state and election official fraud. By using a certain foreign software that was created to change the votes, this election was stolen and given to someone undeserving. Remember when they stopped counting, not in just one state but three at the same time. That’s when they realized that Trump was heading for a landslide and they panicked. So in the middle of the night there was a massive spike in votes for Joe and only Joe. Strange right! And in some places more votes than there were people. Well, they got their algorithms wrong and got caught.

Did you know our votes were counted in Spain? Remember all the extremely large Trump rally’s and all the Trump signs and hats, long lines at voting places do you really think that was all for Sleep Joe who was holed up in his basement? We, half of the people, demand fair and transparent elections in this country. This is not Venezuela this is The United States of America and we are so much better than the corruption we see taking place.

No amount of rushing to fill cabinets and taking credit for a vaccine will make Joe the President. We stand firmly behind Donald Trump who will continue to make American great again and again.

Lynn Gratz, Lima