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Twenty to One.

Protesters of policemen this summer included chants of yelling “We hope they die” referring to two Los Angeles sheriffs ambushed in Compton, California where the entrance to the emergency rooms were blocked even though a sign clearly states “Do Not Block Emergency Entries & Exits.”

A day after the shooting Lynwood City Manager, Jose Ometeotl posted on Instagram an image of Malcom X saying “Chickens Come Home to Roost.” This is one of a great many instances that continue in larger cities throughout the country with the help of many blue state governors and others in local government.

Yes there are rogue cops who should be brought to justice, however, they do not represent the vast majority of policemen. Evidence shows that there is no “systemic” racism on the part of either the police or Americans.

Pushing the idea that police departments are venues for systemic racism, radicals are aiming to nationalize police as a step in the process to make our country socialist/communist.

To thwart this planned agenda, it is imperative we support our local police and keep them independent which is vital to keeping America strong. Your vote will determine the outcome.

Linda Bishop, Findlay