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This sub is slowly dying. See if you can get an Ovarit invite.

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Thanks, luckily I already have one!

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is ovarit more active than here?

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Very much so, at least this lesbian sub

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is it possible to get an invite?

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Unfortunately I can't give out invites, but hopefully someone else can?

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I know this thread is old but for almost the past year past few years I've found myself wanting to date women(biological women) more then I've wanted to date men but everytime I've put myself out there for women I've gotten men, transgender women or women I didn't feel comfortable carrying on a get to know conversation with. One woman had work done that was so bad that it was like looking at a Trisha paytas horror story, and a discord server complaining how these implants could literally save someone's life.(eye roll). Yes the discord was filled with mtf transgender and some women of course. Even this past week on a fetish site I was taken by a transwoman who I thought was biological. I feel ready to give up.

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Oh no, that sounds really frustrating and depressing! I extend solidarity, as I've experienced similar things on dating apps and in the local LGBT scene. Luckily I have met some legit lesbians and bi women on Lex, HER and Bumble, but you have to sift through a lot of chaff to get to the wheat, so to speak!

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Sure do. What's worse is you have the disgusting thirst magnet men who think that their penis is a magic wand that will make you want a man again and will swipe right on you on pof(plenty of fish) bumble, tinder etc. Sorry I had what you had to offer dudes and romantically intimately you make me want to throw the hell up.

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Ugh what a bummer! Dating apps are often a huge dumpster fire. I feel your pain!