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If you were genuinely attracted to guys before, you probably aren’t a lesbian. It’s more likely that you’re in a bi-cycle. This is VERY common for bis. You will probably go back to liking men in some capacity in a few years.

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I really doubt that, I have completely lost any interest in men, even fictional. I can't phantom any sort of attraction. I'm not even big on sex or romance anyway, but if it's gonna happen, it's gonna be a woman.

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About this:

bisexuals only have value (to the community) if they're with the same sex

I don't think it's true. Or, err, let's say it's complex. A few het-partnered bisexuals are involved in LGB-related fights and are precious allies. Just because they've been with an opposite sex partner for a while doesn't mean they don't get same-sex attraction, it's just that their perspective is very different from ours.

I get what you're saying about bi-women experiences being generalised on the Internet though. Most "queer" memes and humour are bi-women memes and humour. They still call it "queer" and "gay". Most things "queer" on the net, I just ignore. It's all very superficial.

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I'm not denying they're bi and part of the community but they can't expect people to be excited for them dating the opposite sex. A LOT of bi women queerbate. They joke about how gay they are, how badly they want to be with woman but oh no they're just so uncontrollably drawn to their boyfriends. But it's ok bcs they're bi.

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    This! All of this!

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    What do you mean by bi humor?

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    Could you give an example of bi-humor? I may be too neuroatypical, but I don’t understand how anything about it is humorous.

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    Why do you tought it was a constructive idea, to come here, and describe it as a LESSER thing to be a lesbian. No, I mean seriously? You know how painful that sounds? And how loving women is never in the smallest way a lesser "culture" than having a relationship with men? You are just reinforcing in me, that (even former) Bisexuals have no eyes for the incredible beauty - of love between women - Instead of seeing that- they will be ready to mock and ridicule us, as much as any homophobic Prick. Shame on you, for putting our love, our bodies, our "culture" down

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    What? I never said being lesbian is lesser. I said that the culture around me makes me feel like I've lost something. It's not the case but it's how I felt. Do you know how often I see media that portrays bisexuality as superior? It's been a while since that post and those feelings aren't relevant anymore but I was literally complaining about the media not saying "I'm a worst person now".

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    lesbians arent attracted to males. if you felt attraction to males - youre not a lesbian. simple.