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Tapatalk took over from Zetaboards where original LChat was hosted, and admins wanted to move because tapatalk is crap. I think tapatalk didn't want to lose the traffic and admins were locked out and some rogue mod took over TapaLChat.

We had a big problematic move to new jcink forum, it was rough months, everything looked shit and many users weren't even aware about the move (tapa censored any mention of new Lchat), so they still visited tapatalk.

But the jcink forum grew up, and soon it was too small, so we had a final move to - this is the main LChat forum and is more popular. I visit tapatalk only to read about Dolly from time to time and checking "Get The L out" thread since some kind soul provides many twitter links (Lchat has the same exact thread too, but the Transsexuals thread is more active for gc discussions, and most of the links from tapa end up there too).

So is THE Lchat, Tapatalk's l_anon (former zetaboards) are those who left behind.

Maybe some women hate it because it's not pc and an anonymous forum so people there are more honest and more likely to lie, trolling is more relentless, and nobody gives a fuck.

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Thanks. I actually like how unapologetic women are there. Even if a lot of it may be trolling.

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We have chat forums?