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God reddit sucks. I'm glad this all blew up. Now people are seeing these crazy trans people for what they are. The fucked up part is that these pedos were very active on lgbt youth subreddits. 🤮

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"Her" pedophile husband is also a teen lgbt moderator.

Funny how "she" is married to a man , but somehow is still qualified to moderate r/actuallesbians....

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So, can we like...make another TL now?

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I wish. Reddit hired "her" because of "her" ideology. "Her" qualifications, she ran for political office, reddit was hiring for a moderation position. There is absolutely no way they didn't google her name, that shows how deep reddit is into identity politics and wokeness. It shows that they are willing to work with pedophiles who claim transness rather than let lesbians have their own spaces.

So no I don't think we can ever go back to reddit. Not sure how overit is doing but this saidit page feels dead.

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I tried to join overit but the code expired super fast. TL really was the best. I miss it. Fuck these men that take away womens voices and safe spaces.

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Wish I could send u an invite to overit but I also had the code expire on me as well.

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Wish I could send u an invite to overit but I also had the code expire on me as well.

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No, Op's post is just an assumption that this banned employee is the reason TL and many other subs were banned. The actual post from Reddit; however, doesn't acknowledge this assumption OP and many others believe to be of Aimee.

All the banned sub reddits are still...banned.

Edit: One could make a new lesbian sub reddit and have users get approved to comment and participate while still keep the sub public. That way only those who you desire can interact on the sub. I notice more and more subs are starting to do this.

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I have another assumption, reddit hired a pedophile, because they knew it's easier to have an unsavory individual take the blame for the censorship of lgb voices.

I worked at a job that did this with a manager. Used her to fire all the workers and then replace all of them with people who care less about standards of care.

Similar situation to reddit. They bring in an unethical worker to do the unethical things they wanted to get done.

Not trying to stir up an argument but I'm making a point that this person is a cog in the massive wheels of Reddits unethical behavior.

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I don't disagree at all.

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What's the story behind this? Because that post by the Reddit team doesn't go into any real detail at all. They're trying to hide the reality of what happened.

Edit: Found this for more info