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not even joking: everyday at home depot and/or lowe's.

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I haven't met many lately because I don't get out much due to Covid-19 restrictions. I know several lesbians in real life, but I first met them several years ago.

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With the pandemic going on, not that many. I think the most recent lesbian I met was a girl who joined my company around September last year. Funny thing was I only found out she's gay around Valentine's, when she mentioned doing something nice with her girlfriend. Guess that comes from not having much off-work socialising. Come think of it, she could be bi for all I know.

Before the pandemic, I would meet lesbians fairly frequently, but I was traveling a lot between London and Brussels, both fairly cosmopolitan cities with plenty of opportunities to meet new people, so no surprises there.

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A few authentic lesbians year. But i also live in Seattle.

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When I'm not actively seeking them out, I'll probably meet 1-5 lesbians a year. I live in a big city so I meet a lot of people but don't necessarily make permanent connections. But I'm currently moving into an apartment with 3 other girls and one of them is also a lesbian. Im part of an ex-fundie community, and all the girls that I'm moving I with are ex-fundie so it makes sense that a disproportionate number of us are lesbians.

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Dunno, maybe like 5? Just randomly - not going out of my way to meet them. Some of them you just sort of know without anyone saying anything.

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I only know a few, but no-one my age.

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a few a year