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If she's looking fried and crusty with faded out color and overgrown roots I can't respect it

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well...that covers 85% of people I've seen with unnatural hair colors

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Hmm it's hard to answer this. I agree with the comments saying it's usually just a way to get attention, but I have a sister who dyed her hair deep blue like the color of Mystique in x-men. She's not an attention seeker, I swear. She's an introverted gamer who hates attention. Some people do it simply because they like it.

That being said, it would still raise my alarm bells at a first impression. Unfortunately, unnaturally dyed hair is one of the most commonly recognized trait of rebellious attention seekers

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They want attention. Nothing more than that. If they say they're queer, then that answers your question quite easily.

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I'm pretty judgmental (it's just human nature, right?) so that would be my first thought too. Attention-seeker. But I wouldn't write her off immediately just for that. It's one of my red flags when it comes to dating.

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It depends. If her hair is just a weird shade of red, I've been there and done that. That's what the 90s were for! :D I also have a straight hippie friend who dyes her hair lavender because her natural color right now is whitish-gray (she's 70). There aren't too many goths around these days, but I knew some back in the day who were into various shades of burgundy and purple. (Again, that's what the 90s were for.) But yeah, I know there's a link between unnaturally colored hair and being gender special. The ones I see around here also tend to wear very childish-looking pajamas in public. Actually, I think the pajamas put me off more than the hair. There is something deeply disturbing about adults who dress like children. Besides, I am just not attracted to people who would wear their pajamas outside the house. Maybe I'm just a snob?

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i sleep in the raw, so if i go outside in my pajamas i will probably get arrested.

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Just tell the cops you are being your authentic self! :D

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great idea!

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I have dyed my hair in a deep red, borderline purple coulor since I was 12, (I'm 18 going on 19 now), so I do not have a problem with crazy haircolors. It can even be really attractive on the right kind of woman.

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Does that even count as an unnatural color? It sounds really cool to me!

I thought that the OP had other colors/shades in mind, like green, blue, etc.

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that sounds beautiful.

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I second that.

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An unnatural hair colour by itself isn't enough to leave a strong impression on me. I need to see the whole look. The hairstyle, the outfit, the accessories, etc. Then I might be able to infer things about her personality.

If we're talking about dating, it's a slight turn off for me. I'm not into the alternative looks at all.

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I feel the same, some people just like colorful or cute things and its pretty popular to dye pastels or brights these days. But if they have an edgy aesthetic overall... thats a no from me.

For dating, im okay with it as long as it's well maintained and also not crunchy looking.

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I dunno, I don't typically think much. It would have to be a set of specific appearance choices until I start thinking anything in particular. Adults with dyed hair, tattoos, and/or piercings are so, so common where I live.

It would have to be like, blue hair + pixie cut + kiddie back pack + skinny jeans with combat boots. Once she starts looking like she dresses as if she's still a junior in high school, that's when I question things.

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Yeah theres a specific look to watch for lol

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Hmm, I guess that depends on age (at least for me).

If someone's still a student (let's say younger than 22/23), I wouldn't mind that much if it looks good and goes well with someone's overall style and appearance. However, after that, it just kinda looks unnecessary, immature or attention-seeking to me. I don't even know why I feel this way towards it now but it'd be a big turn-off for me.

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I'd be a bit nervous. I would be keeping an eye out for her being one of the queer and/or trans activist types. My worry would keep me at a distance. I don't want to get to know someone just to have them throw me out for being a transphobic. I also don't want to end up listening to a bunch of queer theory nonsense.

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It depends... I've seen some women really pull off an unnatural shade of red, or a subtle purple-black with their natural hair colour being dark brown so it looks natural. But if it's neon and bright and the roots are obvious, bleh.

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wow thanks for the responses guys!

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I used to not care and think nothing of it. Then I peaked trans and now they freak me out LOL. Well not really freak out, but I'm more cautious of them and would prefer to avoid them if they really are into all that gender identity stuff.

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I dont judge too much on hair color, my own hair is a sorta unnatural bright red, but i just dont feel like blue/green hair work on many people. I know a lot of people who have pulled off shades of pink or purple well though(especially if you stay a similar tone to your natural color, like pastel if you were blonde etc). I also dont like people who go several months between dying with bright hair because with unnatural colors the roots and fading are super obvious! I have dated people with unnatural hair colors before, as long as you don’t look sloppy i think it can be fine.

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It looks hot on some people. I don't really care that much about people's hair colour though.

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It depends. I’ve seen some women still looking hot with dark red/purple hair. I’m not fan of the blue/green/pink hair trend going on currently. It just doesn’t look good in my opinion.

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I look at it as an interesting fashion trend. Some of them look really pretty with those hair colors. At the same time I don't think it's very healthy or good for the environment.