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I wish it didn't piss me off or disgust me to see how much people love when lesbians and gay men "choose" hetero relationships but here I am, pissed and disgusted.

How kids today have taught themselves new wave homophobia and call it woke is fucking insanity to me. Bonkers.

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Stop. Most of them are not lesbians and gays. The most liked comment was from a woman saying “I’m a lesbian. My husband is the first man I’ve been sexually attracted to. His hairy. The sex was fun”. I mean...? I get so pissed off when bisexuals larp as lesbians. I remember my father using a bisexual acquaintance of ours as a exemple of how, if I really wanted, I could get a husband, give him grandchildren and be happy, despite my “homosexual tendencies” cause said person is a “lesbian” but has a boyfriend and a son, and she love her family. So homosexuality isn’t compulsory you really do choose it, so you can not choose it. 😒

Bitch has been dicked for more than 5 years now, had another kid (with that same bloke) and still call herself a lesbian on Facebook. And I see my father liking her “lesbian” bullshit all the time 🤢🤮

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Yes, I guess I meant people love the idea of lesbians and gay men choosing hetero relationships, fascillitated by bi people who call themselves lesbian or gay and the trans movement that hands out the queer badge to everyone.

I think I put the quotes on the wrong word in my post, haha.

My friend who I mention on here regularly is that girl. She says she is "technically bi" and uses Facebook to air out her supposed attraction to women but only talks about men, only dates men, got married to a man, had a child with a man, etc.

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My friend who I mention on here regularly is that girl. She says she is "technically bi" and uses Facebook to air out her supposed attraction to women but only talks about men, only dates men, got married to a man, had a child with a man, etc.

Interesting that I don’t see the bisexuals calling these types out on their bullshit. But if you become suspicious of them they’ll throw “biphobic” at you whenever they have the opportunity. They call you out for be suspicious of bisexuals but they don’t call the lying bisexuals out. And I thought this was a problem of lesbians only, but apparently not. I’ve seen some gays acquaintances discussing this, now I don’t know to what degree some gays are wary with bisexual men.

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Many are only gay on the internet It seems! Its so easy for them and they wouldn't dare touch the same sex in real life...'Cause they never felt that attraction in the first place! Actions speak louder than words, always! Never let them tell you otherwise! They think Its funny pretending to be something they're not, they don't take It too seriously, only care about themselves... they couldn't give two shits about whos actually gay... Because they are so privileged and have nothing going on in their lives so they make up lies!

(Sorry for the broken english its cause im italian)

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She even used "hasbian" which is a well known awful stereotype for lesbians saying it doesn't last.

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I think there's a shit ton of people that make up stories online ESPECIALLY reddit. They all want to be creative writers. Keeping with your topic I was on actual lesbians last night and there was this post about this lesbian sex worker and when I read her history all she posts about is dick size on r/sexworkersonly and then mentions her lesbian partner here and there and having a child. The account is only a couple days old and has 45k points.

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    All her posts seem to revolve around him like wtf Its like she wanted to be with a man all along! What infuriates me most though is that in one of her many replies she wrote how her husband loved to brag about this and she finds it totally okay!!! Then we wonder why so many don't believe us when we tell them we're gay...Its because of girls like her!!! But you're right, this doesn't sound all!

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    Let me tell you something. Way back, before the trans business, the actual lesbians sub was filled with straight men on many good occasions who would write fanfiction about lesbians getting horny or having sex with men. Then when the trans crowd moved in, these people were moved out and the premise changed to girldick. People are obsessed with the idea that lesbians should sleep with men.

    The idea of two attractive and successful lesbians being together and not attracted to men, sends shockwaves to the crowd. I would have found such jealousy amusing, had it not been for the severe repercussions that would cause lesbians. Like homophobia, conversion therapy and the deletion of spaces.

    Reiterating a bit on what the above poster said, don't put too much stock into anonymous forums. You never know whether it's an actual woman, a troll (male or female) or a man pretending to be woman. If people have to put their real faces to these sort of posts, you will see a whole lot less of them.

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    Do you think that's a real woman or a man larping as one

    A man. It is the reasons he cites for first liking and then rejecting the male body.

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    How did you find this?

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    I've searched on Google ''Why aren't gay relationships taken seriously?'' and...this was like the fourth search result...The title caught my attention 'cause it sounded so absurd to me!

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    The things you'll find when you search for something to anger you!

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    I'm guessing OP was already in an angry/frustrated state when she searched "Why aren't gay relationships taken seriously?"

    I know you'd rather all the posts be about food and movies, but somewhere like s/lesbians is one of the few places you can rant about this stuff and other people will get it. I think it's good to vent sometimes 😃

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    This is so disappointing and gross. You are NOT A LESBIAN. YOU ENJOY SEX WITH MALES. I don't care if it's only this one male, I don't care if you prefer females, I don't care if you really want to be a lesbian - the moment you experience sexual attraction to a man, let alone sleep with one and loooove it, you are bisexual. It's that simple. It isn't complicated, it's not millitant or exclusionary, it's common sense.