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My entire existence is one big feeling of insecurity. Makes me loathe to try new things and meet new people or even maintain current social relationships, so I'm a pretty lonely person. But of course feeling lonely just makes me feel even more insecure so it's just a terrible cycle

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I am insecure when it comes to confrontation. Sometimes you do need to confront others, and I loathe it so much that I will avoid it until I can’t anymore. Confronting others about their wrongdoings literally gives me dizzy spells and a rapid heart beat. I think I am insecure about it because I dread the potentiality of coming off as mean/rude, or so nice that my point will not be fully acknowledged/understood.

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Oh man, just everything. And it's probably very annoying to be around, so I'm insecure about my insecurities too.

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I'm insecure about my body. I make no effort to be conventionally beautiful/hot and I'm a stick with no curve lol

I'm fine with my face and my clothes on, but naked form is just- ack.

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Dude same, I'm genetically a stick figure. I started lifting weights a few months ago because I was tired of being scrawny and do hip thrusts all the time b/c I feel no one will be into me if I don't at least have a visible ass lol

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I mostly feel insecure, as in unsafe, about what could happen. Think "The Handmaid's Tales" or even "The Walking Dead". A realistic apocalypse where I unfortunately survive and can't take my own life because of my strong self-preservation. I'm not self-sufficient enough to survive alone, so I'd have to trust other people which would likely make me more vulnerable than trying to survive alone.