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I'm fucking romantic , cute and can cook italian plates for you, while thinking of new way of surprising you, I know how to give cheesy flattering and poetic compliment, and in bed I'm a giver with a great fantasy.

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honestly, i have no idea. a large part of me wants to say nothing. the women i've dated have all loved my writing but i don't do that anymore really. i'm thoughtful and dependable and while i believe they make me a good partner, they aren't interesting or particularly attractive things to most people. i got nothing. sucks lol

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I have a good sense of fashion, im good at flirting, I have a strong personality from years of dealing with bullshit, I'm very independent for my age. but im a softie on the inside and highly romantic.

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My horniness and naivete make me attractive to creepy women, looks like. Lol.

... Okay that's not actually funny, I'm starting to think I'll never have a love life at all

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I'm emotionally available and love to snuggle, so I'm very sensual and affectionate. I also love stimulating conversations and D&Ms for hours. I take life at a mindful pace, and like to stop and smell the roses. I'm open minded, spiritual and creative. I've also overcome a lot of challenges in my life, so I have a great deal of resilience and empathy. I feel I have a lot to offer the right person, though the positive traits I have aren't always the most flashy or exciting - so they don't always translate well on dating apps.

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Hello there blush. You sound a lot like me. I wish dating apps could accommodate people of this type lol.