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I went to their website last week and it was down. Now it says, "Coming soon! We're working hard to finish the development of Please visit our facebook page for more updates!" The Facebook page doesn't have any updates about the website, but otherwise everything appears to be normal.

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It’s possible they are doing a redesign, I just hope it hasn’t been lost.

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they have to rename it to afterelliot

(im joking)

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Their last twitter post was a couple of days ago. The woman who owns the site just posted (as of a couple of minutes ago) that it will be back soon.

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I think it's due back soon. You can sign up via a link of their Facebook page to a mailing list. My only concern is that it's been taken over again - from Memoree Joelle, whose views I didn't agree with on everything but who was a genuine lesbian. I'm just hoping it's been taken over by genuine lesbians (whatever their political views). I know from recent articles its not back in the hands of the queer crew but I hope it's not been taken over by the het/bi radfem "lesbian feminists", which is no better for us, despite all their posturing.