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I used to think I had a preference for femmes, just to find out that I don’t. Femme/butch/tomboy or whatever I don’t really care to femininity/masculinity and everything in between at all. But I do really care about body type and I feel quite shitty and superficial for care so much but still what can I do 🤷🏼‍♀️. I like normal (not fat nor skinny) to skinny women. And tall women, the taller the better. I don’t care for big breast or big butt, I actually even prefer when those parts aren’t prominent, due to my preference for skinny body I guess. Also (idk if this count as body type preference) but I don’t like when they shave their pubic — although I expect them to shave the butt, maybe this is too much info, sorry lol. Also random, I love big hands. Tall women generally have quite big, skinny hands, long fingers mmm I love it, it’s so beautiful when they talk with their hands.

Myself, I’m skinny, average height.

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About the shaving, I also prefer it when the pubic hair is still there. Trimmed is nice though.

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Yes, I also like it a bit trimmed, you know.. it doesn’t need to be Amazon forest style lol. Yet I would prefer amazon forest than prepubescent type of look. Women getting rid of any sigh of adulthood is so common nowadays, it became the norm for real.

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i'm built like a linebacker with huge boobs. it's annoying. i hate it. but others like it. whatever. i don't have a type, as long they have a nice butt i'm with it.

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strong arms, big butt, boob size doesn't matter but they gotta be well shaped.

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My ideal type is like Ellen Page (well, before going crazy, in fact she was my celebrity crush before een knowing she was a lesbian) or Ariana Grande. I'm very short and slim (dreaming of gettig muscular and heavir though), and HUGE preferance for short and slim, the shorter the better, because I wouldn't like to be towered over and it's practical, and I found it way more sexy to be honest.e But it doesn't matter as long as it isn't 10inches-1 ft difference, that is become just non practical.

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    So apparently I'm your type haha. I'm stocky and muscular and have absolutely no arse and I sport a layer of chub, which keeps me warm in winter. Didn't stand a chance of being anything else considering genetics. No willowy beanpoles either side of the family.

    Down with skinny = fit!

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    I love women who are taller than me, smaller breasts, athletic bodies, strong shoulders and arms I'm petite, femme, hourglass figure (I had breast reduction surgery to go from F to C) but I have wide shoulders and massive hands haha

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    I'm huge and prefer women who can handle all of my 🎵 body-ody-ody-ody 🎵 but a woman who is 4'8" and 150+lbs smaller than me wants me to top her. 😱 I'm 5'8" and 300+lbs.

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    I like girls who are at a normal, healthy weight for their age/size. I'd like for the natural body hair to be there, although I don't mind if she decides to trim it. I'm 5 feet/1.5 meters and I'd like a gf around my height.

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    Same height. I would love a girlfriend around my height, but that's quite unlikely in the west (If you lucky enough to live beside Mexico, you could try to find a mexican girl, lots of mexicans around our height and theyìre the hottest babes in the world). They're always going to be taller, which isn't a problem, as long as they're not over 5'7.

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    Huh, previously it was around 165 max for you, now 170+!

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    Ideally it's your height.. I said I'm more comfortable with women not going over like 162-165, which is average in my country. I HATE the idea of living in a country with tallet women. But you know it already :D In case I go to Germany, come with me babe. Let's be two sexy hobbits in the land of giraffes ;)

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    You sound cute as always~

    And, well, I am already in giraffe country (167-172 cm average for women, depending on region), so nothing will change :D

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    Well, I am already in girafee country (167-172 cm average for women, depending on region), so nothing will change :D

    Now I see why you couldn't find any shorter Ahahah You needed to look in Sicily, which is Known for hobbits :D

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    I know there lives one most sexy and hot woman ;)

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    I don't live near Mexico, but there are some cities in my area that have a lot of Mexicans (and Central Americans in general). Thanks for the advice!

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    I don't live near Mexico, but there are some cities in my area that have a lot of Mexicans (and Central Americans in general). Thanks for the advice!

    Ahahah. Lucky you. Their hot accent makes everything perfect. I hope I can get to the Uk. Living in northen Europe sound horrid to me. Imagine going from the shorter place in Europe to one the tallest. Average women there is 5'7. I would come around the mouth/chin lol

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    Lmaoooo. I'd have to get a footstool every time we kissed. Either that or wear heels, which is not an option for a butch such as myself.

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    Nah. Not stool. Just go on tiptoes while she pull down. It's rare to have real giant differences as the one between hetero couple, because women like 6ft and taller are rare even even tall country, thankfully. Search elevator shoes. Much better than heels :D

    Anyway, yeah, I would much rather have short girlfriend and not much height difference.Although boob hugs can be nice, I guess. But american average women aren't much tall, so it isn't a problem for you. Finding a not fat woman is more than a problem there :D

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    I'm pretty skinny and have a tiny bit of muscle from weightlifting for 3+ months. And I'm 5'7.

    Definitely into in shape, muscular (but not extremely so) women. Around my height or taller is a plus. Can't say I've ever been attracted to curvy women and I'm not too curvy myself. Toned butts though👌🏾

    Sounds like I'm attracted to women who are similar to myself.

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    I’m relatively thin and athletic, about 5’8. I like women with similar bodies to mine but I’m not too picky. I’ve always wanted to date someone taller than me but I’ve actually never met any lesbians taller than me. I don’t think 5’8 is even very tall ? I feel average-ish lol

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    Move to some Viking country and be happy lol jk

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    I'm usually attracted to women who are athletic or somewhat curvy, more femme or "neutral". Height is not important, but similar to mine (5'6) is good. I'm fairy lean, with some muscle definition.

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    I like tiny slim or fit women, but because everyone is taller than me (literally until recently I did not know or saw in person anyone shorter than me), I used to like taller women. I am tiny, gentle and slim myself as well.

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    The obsession with asians was very telling of your body ideal. I'm glad I fit it :D

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    And how am I glad!

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    Even if you were 6ft, you would still my soulmate, though

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    6 ft is like 183 cm? That would be rather uncomfortable height :D

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    I meant that regardless of height, you're my ideal.

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    Yop can't stop flirting~

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    I'm tall and slim and I like women who are also tall and slim and have a nice butt

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    I'm similar to Alison Brie, our height/weight/body measurements are almost totally the same. I think I just have slightly wider shoulders and I have a bit more lean muscle tone. I am attracted to femmes in the 160-165cm height range who are slender!

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    I generally prefer femme, or soft butch. Butch reminds me too much of men and isn't something I'm interested in. I don't want someone who's stick thin, but I definitely am not attracted to women who are obese (or body positive, as it's called these days). Something in between is fine by me.

    I've personally been obese and I've lost some weight since then. It's one of the reasons why I don't find obesity attractive, because I know it's not a pleasant experience, and not something to be celebrated (nor should extreme thinness be celebrated either). I ride the line between femme and GNC, depending on what I'm doing that day (GNC most of the time, femme if I need to go to work, special occasions).

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    I like women who are taller than me (I'm 5'1) and I tend to lean towards women with average body shape or a woman with a little extra weight. I like someone with curves and a stocky build over someone with a very athletic or skinny body type. How they dress doesn't matter to me.

    My weight fluctuates but now that I've slimmed down, I'd say I have more of an hourglass figure (at least that's what I've been told) but I still got a little chubbiness on me. lol

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    Someone taller (165cm and above) round butt, strong hands, sharp features, slim thick. I used to hope that I would grow to be extremely tall and muscular, but ended up petite (155cm) and thick :( I guess we tend to want what we cant have

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    I tend to like women who are a bit curvy and cuddly, and I tend to have a preference for soft butches. But I've crushed on women all over the map from quite femme to quite butch, so I'm not too picky. I don't really have any dealbreakers when it comes to appearance or body type.

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    I'm very slim, but im working on gaining some muscle/tone (im underweight), as for women i like... slim or athletic is best too.