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I was 14. It was VERY exciting, but I was too scared to pursue it. Looking back I'm happy I didn't. She wasn't in a good place back then and neither was I.

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I was a teenager who had newly realized I was a lesbian and had just moved temporarily to my father’s very homophobic native country from my mother’s equally homophobic native country. I honestly wasn’t expecting to meet anyone gay there but I was planning on going to college in the USA so I was like oh well I guess I’ll wait.

Several months in, I met a group of other high schoolers through a program that I participated in. When we all met up at a restaurant, there was this one girl who was kind of stand-offish and I didn’t think she liked me. So we sat at different tables. As we had our separate conversations, I suddenly overheard the word “lesbian” from the other table and I started eavesdropping. Despite the fact that we lived in a super homophobic country, she was coming out to everyone and talking about her activism as a lesbian! She had a lot of amazing stories, she had been targeted by everyone from religious clerics to the police but she still lived her truth. She was so brave, I am very much a scaredy cat, so I waited until we were all leaving to pull her aside and tell her “me too.”

So we decided to “have a sleepover” to discuss “lesbian activism” but well... haha. Even though being a lesbian in a homophobic country sucks, one thing that helps is that people assume everyone is straight so we could get away with a lot like holding hands in public or having sleepovers at our parents’ houses and no one noticed. It was more of a fling than a relationship, but it was my first love. Then like two weeks later she started dating someone else and I was so heartbroken :( That being said, I ran into her new girlfriend on the street and the new girlfriend was SO hostile to me even though I tried to be nice. So I realized that we had had must have been real even though it was just for a little bit.

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This sounds like the summary of one of those lesbian young adult novels from a few decades ago; cute and sweet to read :)

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I don't think lesbians that are first coming out necessarily have the highest standards, I pretty much would have dated anyone that would have me when I came out at 21. My first girlfriend and I met in a women's studies class and the only thing we had in common was "the gay". But I was over the moon a woman actually liked me, lol. I have much higher standards now and cringe at my early dating choices (one of them was a drug dealer, so yeah).

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I was like 13-ish? It was funny because she was the first girl I ever felt more than puppy love for. All of our gay and bi friends were like oh my god, just date already! Sadly I was still so deep in the closet that even though we were on the brink of making it official I was too scared. :(

Last time I saw her was years ago. She started identifying as nonbinary so... yikes.

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My last year of college this sophomore would occasionally flirt with me whenever we'd see each other (we lived in the same dorm and spent a lot of time in the computer lab in that building). She was cute (but pretentious) so I flirted back. Turns out, she started doing that because she'd overheard one of my friends and I talking when I made a comment about being gay ;) One day, I came home from clubbing with my friends around 3am and she and her friend were walking around the area my room was...

Short, unexciting story even shorter... she decided she just wanted to be friends after a few days of making out and cuddling. Oh well ¯_(ツ)_/¯