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Well first I think the most effective way is to find out her orientation. Either via looking at her social media if she has it, asking her about dating life situations, or directly about her orientation. If she's straight and/or taken then of course it's much easier to just accept it and move on. If you cannot find out or just believe that you two couldn't be a match for other reasons--age gap, incompatibility, etc. then my advice to you would be either distraction or waiting it out. I describe crushes, at least for myself, as little flames that simply die out over time if no gasoline aka reciprocation gets added to it. You can try to hasten the process by finding out how she might feel towards you or just focusing in on how you might not work out otherwise.

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What has helped me in the past is finding out if they are interested in me. Whenever I don't know, it keeps the fantasy alive. When I asked my crush and the feeling wasn't reciprocated, it has always helped me to close the door and move on. Always. Knowing (without question) that nothing will ever happen has been what I needed. I had a crush on someone for about 4 years. I would think about her often, dream about her and convinced myself that this all meant there was something between us. lol. I had it so bad. And one day I decided to tell her how I felt but it was not reciprocated. And that lead me to move on.

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Just move on. If she’s not interested that’s that. You make the choice to stay hooked every day like a drug addict.

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Even if she's not straight, I don't think somebody like her could like me

Self depreciating attitudes like this are not attractive at all