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considering the fact they are removing said sub because of a shitton of complaints from a user about that sub, i definitely think it'd be in our best interests to have yet another back up plan. we all know just how obsessed with quieting us "those people" are.

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Yeah exactly, this was apparently one person. If one person can do that much, this place is not stable, unfortunately.

edit: Damn I should probably save my comments.

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Head over to s/GenderCritical. They have threads with instructions on how to get Ovarit invites. Recent one here. You don't have to participate in GC once you're on the site to join the Lesbians group.

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I can only hope that the sub that was removed was actually checked by the people who own the servers that this site is hosted on and that they deemed that it was actually against server policies, rather than just catering to the whims of one single person. I don't know what the sub itself was about, however I doubt that anyone can actually twist the words so much that a sub for lesbians could be considered in violation of the server policies. In the demise of subreddits, it wasn't the server rules that were used against them, it was reddit's own rules that was used, the same rules that seems to have been partly dictated by the very same people that brigaded to have other places shut down.

Besides, if this sub can be shut down in that same manner as the sub that was recently removed - I doubt that the entirety of ovarit would be particularly safe (given the servers they're hosted on).

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I'm super curious what the sub is that's getting banned (sounds like they don't want it mentioned in comments, so maybe PM me if someone knows what happened). I know this site can get pretty toxic outside of our little gay bubble so I never bother browsing around.

EDIT: Nevermind found context:

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I have invites, not enough for everyone. I can see about the creation of more, but if no one is taking the ones I have yet its hard to gauge. DM me if you want one and I will see to more.

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Well, I can take one if no one is taking them, not sure about my contribution with 1 post a week or less. And /o/Lesbians there is very-very slow too. And not as warm as here.

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SaidIt didn’t become “warm” until we were banned off Reddit. I think people have just found this space and gotten comfortable, which is fine.

Personally, I’d give Ovarit a chance as the creators and owners are women and the concern for being shut down wouldn’t be right over our shoulder, or at least the feeling.

But we will remain here and I will take care of this space as well as long as you ladies remain. 😊

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Yeah, but I was not saying about Saidit and Ovarit in general, I was speaking only about /s/Lesbians and /o/Lesbians.

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What the fuck?

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Ovarit could possibly have the same issue has well. However, I'm surprised Saidit hasn't asked around to other similar sites such as Voat and KiwiFarms, and 4chan in regards who they serve with. Especially since these three sites are just as wtf as Saidit.

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Yeah I was surprised by that too.