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I'm hypersensitive so I try to hide my emotions. Doesn't work lol. People figure me out in 0.1s.

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Username checks out.

I'm in the same boat around people I trust. But taking Buckskin's lead otherwise.

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No, I never cry in public. I'm very reserved in my feelings. And I can cry for frustration, but I can't remember crying for a movie.

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I would say practical with emotions. A few people have said I’m a closed book, that would actually be a nice way of putting it.

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Only with my closest friends and family. I'm extremely closed off to people I don't know very well, shy. It sucks because I'm actually pretty extroverted a lot of the time. I open up a bit more when I notice positive qualities in people.

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I don't mind crying about something as insignificant as a movie but I have a bad habit of burying emotions about real life stuff as deep as possible until they eventually erupt (usually in sadness, I very, very rarely get angry - maybe only once every four months or so.)

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I havent showed emotion in the last ten years.

Jk. But for real I dont show my emotions to others.

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I got a lot of emotions going on but I don't always express myself in ways that others really understand so people think that I'm angry when really im just a little sad

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If you want to see me crawl up into fetus position and cry like there was no end to my tears, just make me watch The Plague Dogs. That's the only movie I've cried to. I do cry to beautiful music sometimes though, like The Sixteen's version of Miserere mei... it's not crying as much as it is tears though, I do make a distinction between the two. Other than that, I'm a closed book.

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Somewhere in the middle. I can definitely be closed off/robotic towards those I dislike or don't know very well. But I'd like to think that I can be more emotionally open with my close friends. Childhood emotional suppression anyone?? But I've come a long way and keep working at having that ideal balance.

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i'm super reserved. i'm not much of a crier and that has nothing to do with my reservedness, it's just something i don't do. but i am always calm and chill externally regardless of how i feel internally.

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I'm pretty emotional, but I have learned to control my emotions better as I have gotten older. I very rarely cry in front of people, but mostly because it is generally socially inappropriate to do so. If I am in my house and watching a sad movie then I would have no problem crying, but I would not want to cry at work.

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I'm a very private person when it comes to my feelings and emotions, especially my sadness and I really struggle to be vulnerable with loved ones. But otoh, I'm very emotional when it comes to others, I cry/get angry when I hear other people's struggles or consume emotional media, I just keep my own emotions and issues very close to my chest.

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I am a very private person. I almost never cry in front of other people. Most of the time, I can't cry, no matter how upset I get.

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I feel a lot but I'm really reserved about my feelings. I've gotten better with expressing what's been going on since i started therapy but I'm still on the closed book side.

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I can get quite emotional inside but nobody is going to notice it. I am quite bad in expressing emotions even though I often want to. And I really don't like it about myself.

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I don't feel emotions very strongly at all. I kind of wish I was more in touch with my feelings, it would be easier to connect with people.

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When I am alone and watching a movie, reading a book, I am very outwardly emotional and cry easily, sad or happy. When I am with other people I stifle it. I feel threatened when I accidentally show a lot of emotion of any kind.

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I actually have trouble showing emotion in front of most people. More often than I not, it isn't that I don't cry, or that I don't hoot or holler, but rather that I can't. And whenever I am able to do so, I stifle it out of fear that I won't be able to display that emotion in a manner that is appropriate.

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No. Stuff it down with brown!!! /s

I'm not very outwardly emotional. Sometimes it takes me a while to process stuff. I'm really good in a crisis but sometimes months later I will reflect on an event and be like wtf. I absolutely do not cry in public. I'm not against it, but it's just not how I express my grief.

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There are more to emotions than sadness! I swear when I'm angry (often; xxxx this xxxxing xxxx-xxxxxing xxxx of a xxxxx) and shout and/or coo when I'm happy (also often; aw just look at this awww this box of laundry detergent has a fluffy lotus flower on it aww my sweet darling fluffles i could just nom this absolute marzipan cream pompom). I try not to shout when the cat is being adorable so she doesn't run away before I get the camera.