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When one door closes,another door opens. And we still refuse to suck ladydick.

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Amen to that! They can never be lesbians and that alone drives their hate for us.0

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Reddit is just rushing to virtue signal it seems like.

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Damn right

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Close the door on their dick, that’ll teach em

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Always have and always will!

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I wonder if AfterEllen would like to hear about how Reddit has banned all female lesbian spaces on their site? Worth a shot, I think...

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Do it. They have a Twitter. They've been keeping out of the trans-fray lately. TBF I think they were threatened.

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Maybe we email them?

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What do you think is the best way to reach them?

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Looks like Twitter is a good option, and they have a Contact page here with emails if anyone would like to get their attention:

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Fuck reddit.

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Yep. Deleted my account today. I don't have to put up with that crap.

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I really feel bad for any new lesbians coming to reddit, how tf will they find anything resembling sanity.

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    They'll find other communities. Luckily this isn't the only one. Lesbians have always found each other despite it all.

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    Me too! TL definitely helped me when I was coming out to myself. The discussions that happened there were some of the best on reddit, so it was my favorite subreddit. Hopefully they make their way over here.

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    This. I was definitely lurking over in TL some time back when I was trying to become more comfortable in my sexuality, too. It's such a shame it's all gone now.

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    same! I lurked in TL and GC for a while to figure out myself and learn to accept who I am since I grew up in a religious environment and struggled. I remember times when I felt uncomfortable about myself because in my community it would be the wokes, the religious people who pressures me, and I felt like the only one that wasn't part of the woke nor religious pressures. I hope this place can stay as long as it can.

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    I agree 100%. As a lesbian that struggled my whole life to accept who I am due to conservative parents, TL was a breath of fresh air. I’m only recently out, and the one place that helped me to love who I really am was banned for bs reasons. I’m so glad I found this community.

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    Yes, They will be shamed into thinking being gay is wrong.

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    that was my concern. I stumbled across TL at a time when I needed it and only knew about the reddit communities. I know lesbians always find each other but it still concerns me.

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      Glad that you found us! We don’t have to watch our words on Saidit, thank god. My head was about to explode.

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      I'm sorry this happened. It's truly fucked up that in this world, it's more important to cater to the delusions of porn sick men versus providing a safe space for lesbians.

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      i hope they realize that their actions might be making actual TERFs and not people they just call TERF because they think there are true biological differences between women and trans women.

      at first i was, at worst, apathetic to their cause but now seeing the damage they're doing to the lesbian community simply because we asked them to stay out of ONE space for cis women that love only cis women... it's so infuriating. i'm human, too, and when every single experience i have with trans women are negative then, yeah, i'm going to lean towards TERF over TRA. if they want to be seen as women then maybe stop acting like the more rapey kinds of men that have been told 'no'.

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      i'm not 'cis'

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      Exactly how I’m feeling. I used to just stay away from them but seeing how they cannot stand us, how they cannot stand women only attracted to women, I actively despise them now.

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      /u/maxinistafemmeinista - You and the mod team rock. Lets give reddit the two fingers they deserve!

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      Thanks for your efforts, I hope we can regather here too. Tbh I think I'll be using Saidit for this sub alone because a LOT of the stuff on this site is pretty awful - I had to unsubscribe from all the default subs. It really frustrates me that a community for lesbians only is viewed as being the same level of offensive as virulent anti-semitism and racism by Reddit. It feels insane to me that same-sex attraction is now genuinely considered to be bigotry, I wish it wasn't like this

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      I agree. I keep questioning whether my views are in some way extreme because of these kinds of associations. But they're not - the word "lesbian" has a meaning and I will not be cowed into thinking that should include anyone with a penis. There is no penis involved. Ever.

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      The only other lesbian sub that rivaled TL (as far as I'm aware, atleast), is r/actuallesbians, which, in the about section, literally says it's for, "bisexual girls, bi-curious folks, 'girls who kiss girls', 'birls', 'bois', aces, LGBT allies, and 'anyone else interested'." Lesbians really can't have anything for themselves, huh?

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      “Anything but lesbians” was a nickname we called them in my neck of tumblr

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      Wow. This is really, super disappointing. I'm surprised how upset I am about it.

      You're all a bunch of lovely people for understanding that women need AND deserve a space to call their own and trying to maintain and guard it.

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      I'm so pissed. I just went on TL to respond to a post and it was gone. I thought my phone was acting up but then saw a post talking about another ban wave. Thank you mods for making this place. I was a full-time lurker and occasional poster on TL (under another username) but I really appreciated the conversations on that sub. RIP TL but hopefully Saidit will be a better home for all of the Reddit exiles.

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      For what it’s worth, thank y’all for all that you’ve done. It’s been upsetting to watch, but I can’t express enough how relieving it is to know that we still have somewhere to create a sense of community- even if it means rebuilding.

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      They will never silence us. I admit, I just got done crying. I didn't want to migrate platforms but here we are. If I was a hateful person, this literally would have radicalized me to hate trans people. I never could. I would delete my account immediately if I wasn't admitting r/lesbianselfies and r/butchlesbianselfies

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      We should start those subs up here :) (but maybe private...) I'm not hateful either and I don't agree with the GC position that gender is entirely a social construct... But I'm so hurt by what has happened and I can't help but hate what the trans community has become, especially the activism side. I'm hoping I'll feel more like my old self in a few days.

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      I saw the ban happened, and fuck those assholes. I hope all our lesbian children find us here. What a terrible message to send to lesbians, especially teens. It’s not “promoting hate” to be a lesbian so I sure hope no one takes that to heart.

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      Thank you for putting the effort in to keep it running, that subreddit (together with LGBdroptheT) felt sort of like a safe harbour from all the idiocy.

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        Have you seen Twitter today? I don't do Twitter but #RedditHatesWomen is trending today and it popped up in my news feed. It is worth looking at for the artwork and screenshots alone. Reddit really fucked up when they left a bunch of porn/rape subs up but banned pretty much any subreddit that dealt with female specific issues.

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        I mean...we all pretty much knew it was gonna happen lol. Reddit is a shit site that hates women and lesbians. All of their current LGBTQ and lesbian spaces don't believe in actual same-sex attraction. I just want all lesbians to be able to find actual lesbian spaces. That is what makes me sad. But we just all have to keep finding spaces and speaking with each other to make sure that there are still spaces left for lesbians :D.

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        one of my childhood friends sent me a screenshot of the ban as an argument as to why my "sexuality is morally wrong and harmful to others" - he was publicly applauded for doing so / still feeling ill

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        It's upsetting but, at the very least, I'm happy that I clicked on the link for this site when it was first posted on reddit. I don't feel as panicy and lost like when the original sub went private for a few days. This feels like a safety net to fall back on and it's comforting. I can't imagine what all those who either don't know or forgot about saidit must be feeling once they notice the r/truelesbians was banned. I would probably be devastated in their shoes. This is a community that I didn't realize I needed until I found it.

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        Same, I'm so glad even a small amount of people have found their way over here. I'm sad for the younger lesbians who'll never get to have TL..

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        Same 🙁

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        Can't wait to be based with y'all :)

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        Thank you so much. I know that the mods worked so hard to work with Reddit in order for lesbians have a place for themselves. It was really important for the younger lesbians to connect, gain information and community.

        I hope that they find their way here.

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        I put a post up too in lesbian actually I guess just to vent, and it's still up. Someone over there is sleeping.

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        I went there, and it's still up. The person that told you to fuck off, I told them "No you fuck off, tosser."

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        update: got downvoted by 2 points. Don't really give infinite shits. Edit: got downvoted by 15 now. Even though I don't care, I just decided to delete it b/c I stooped down to that tw@ts level.

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        Nothing new, but still discouraging and sad.

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        TL did what they could to remain civil. Lesbians just wanted some space from them. They didn't even want to be full GC and just wanted to talk about lesbian things. You know. Tacos and carpets. But apparently. Tacos are too transphobic and needs to be taken down. :D

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        I'm glad this alternative was made. TL was my only connection to other lesbians. The wealth of information and resources and the exchange of experiences was something I really valued! I'm so glad there's still a place we can talk.

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        This is such a shame. My reddit profile looks so empty now. I really hope this place can flourish and gain some traction. It's probably going to take more of an active effort for a while to keep the place active. Thank god you guys hard the foresight to take this underground before it did get banned. I can't imagine how I'd be feeling right now would this have happened in the first purge 😐.

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        Please keep us updated here. TL was my only connection to other like-minded women and I really don't want to lose the community we built.

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        I am so glad that y'all were prepared. We're gonna soar here.

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        and then there were none

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        Are there plans to make a new TL subreddit? (Maybe once this storm of Hate we are receiving has cooled down)

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        No. It will get banned.

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        I have r/homosexualwomen. Which I kept private and inactive so that lesbians gather to you.I wonder if I should make it public and see if that gets banned as well.

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        Any attempt to rebuild will be met with some sort of ban.

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        I really do not care at this point.It will just make them look worse.The only thing stopping me is time.I do not have time to play mod for the time period it will take to get the sub banned by the vile misogynists.

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        I have a now private low lying sub as well if lesbians here wish to dm me on reddit to add them (same username).

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        In their topics they were focusing only subreddits with 5k or more subscribers, and then some with 1k or more subscribers. So small ones would survive, unless they will be similar or rebranded banned subreddits (there is rule in reddit rules that "all similar subreddits to banned must be banned as well").

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        hey can you add me. I am r/nevadasmittens

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        Reddit accounts deleted. Thanks to mods for organising the back up on SaidIt. It's hard to believe the scale of no-platforming. The penile shitshow on ActualLesbians was unbearable. TRAs basically say that objectification of lesbians is the way to go and deny that sexism exists. I don't want to deal with "girldicks" and only couple of years ago I moved out countries to run away from the constant "you haven't found the right man", "if I fucked you, you would be straight" and many worse. Once again, thanks for creating this space!

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        I hope we can find each other and make this a better space for lesbians and possibly create even more spaces so we are not erased

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        I’m annoyed Truelesbians got banned. Just because we just wanted a lesbian community made us hateful? Only goes to show who the true bigots and homophobics are.

        I’m happy we’ll be able to reestablish here without having to worry about those TRA.

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        In the first ban wave they banned 50% of subs I read. Now the other 50% are gone, too. Time to leave Reddit for good. They are digging their own grave.

        But it's nice to have simply ''lesbians'' as our group name :D

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        I went through a phase of working out my sexuality in my early 20s and thank god the tl sub existed. It was really good to have people set a line in the sand that no, lesbians are not bisexual or attracted to men, and definitely not to penises. It was reassuring when you get such mixed messages from the AL sub.

        Also the AL sub was really weird, it felt like the people on there who were male. I lurked, but it definitely felt that way even though I can't put my finger on exactly what it was.

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        Glad I made the jump before this happened. Hope others will make it out too.

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        Hrmm, I was just going to go look at my old post in that sub, but the entire thing is gone. I am going to email reddit. We should draft a document. We aren't wrong for not liking girldick!!! Its not transphobic. I am just so sad to have lost a community of women

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        The good think is, that it my finally mobilize people to abandon homophobic platforms and look for better options.

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        Thank you for modding and trying to keep it going. Sigh.

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        I cannot believe this shit. I was just going over there to ask my fellow lesbos about SF and I find out its banned.

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        Brand new account on saidit and I'm deleting my reddit account right after this!

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        It was my last straw.

        I officially signed up for saidit.

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        I, for one, refuse to let them disenfranchise us. I'm a young lesbian growing up in a world fixated on trans issues, on dick, on denying homosexuality. A change of platform won't change my sexuality or my resolve to end up with a woman.

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        I just discovered saidit because of these ridiculous widesweeping bans. I hope more people can become aware of this site, since it seems like a place where people can express objectively benign opinions without being cancelled. Ironically, I discovered saidit from a tweet by this really rude person on twitter calling gay people who only like people of the same sex "nazis"... which is ironic, because censorship and closure of open dialogue are the very facets of an authoritarian regime. Anwyays, thanks for restarting here, and good wishes to all :)

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        Wtf, I was just going to lurk for a while on TL and I found it banned!! Is the user that made the comic weekly thread around here?

        It is unbelievable they decided it was a hate sub, except for the ocasional rant (which would not be there if TQs were not a bunch of lesbophobes) it was all every day truly lesbian forum.

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        I'm staying on Reddit because of LateBloomerLesbians. It's a good sub with a lot of nice people. They were very helpful when I posted about my "straight" crush who messes with my head. But most of the women who hang around there are still figuring out who they are or don't have a lot of experience. I fall into the latter camp, although not the former. Sometimes it helps to talk things out with women who are on the same path. But sometimes, I need to hear from women who have been out longer than I have, or who have more life experience in general. Right now, I feel like I am 50 going on 19, so I need both subs in my life!

        I'm glad I found this place. I hope we can stay safe here.

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        Pfft, they think a reddit ban is going to stop us from gathering and talking about biology? Ha!

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        Saidit should make a sad face button so I can click it. :(

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        Well, I won't be using Reddit anymore. Not sure what I should do with my sub r/truelesbiangamers though. Anyone want it?

        [–][deleted] 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

        Are you it’s moderator?

        [–]HighlyDykely 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

        It's a shame that Reddit decided to show just how much they hate lesbians by banning TL but it seemed inevitable given how much they kiss up to male "lesbians". I'm glad this sub was made to save what was left.

        [–]Rubyredpython 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

        I just deleted my account with them. Feels good to leave the Reddit plantation.

        [–]plumedoomer 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)