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That's an effect of minimum wage. Entire industries can't opperate if you make it too high and workers in that field can't get work. Then everyone has to do ridiculous things to try to get those industries to work.

Once again this is late stage government / late stage liberalism.

When will you learn, that your actions have consequences.

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No it is not. It is a fact of neo-liberal capitalist profit greed. An average high street corporate chain restaurant recording profits of a quarter million dollars a month while manipulating loopholes in wage and hour laws to push their employees down to $2-13 per hour is a despicable exploitation of the American working people by the selfish greedy criminal pig mafia that is running this country.

When will you learn, your cowardly threats cannot indimidate me.

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For tipped workers aren't poor..... Not in America or Israel, that's just what they want you to think. They play the victim, but the truth is being a waiter is a promotion in most places, got to start out bussing tables for a while. Even if the restuarant is low end, so long as the tips + for tipped minimum wage = less than actual minimum wage, they get actual minimum wage. In America a guy I know working the trades, making decent money, waited tables every weekend cause he could make 250 dollars in a night cash. I've had plenty of bar tenders that worked decent jobs during the week, but still worked every weekend, cause bar tenders make more than waiters. Strippers are making way too much to just be supporting themselves in community college, I promise. In either case you posted no source, so I'm going to assume it is illegal to force someone to tip. I wouldn't even call it unethical to steal from the average for tip worker, if you don't tip they'll cry loudly and make a scene. Stealing from a tip jar is just justice being served.

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I have family members who work in restaurants, I know how much they and their work collegues make because they talk about it all the time they are not making shit and people like you who spread such lies and disinformation about $250 a night are despicable liars. That kind of amount might happen once in a blue moon. It is not even remotely close to representing an average shift. Servers often go home with $20 at the end of a slow shift or if they got stiffed by a party that took up most of their shift. Most servers are making less that federal poverty level.