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The sentiment only makes sense if you accept the premise that Bernie (or any socialist) is attempting to make the "number 1" whatever. When in fact, socialist implemented systems always lead to collapse. When something isn't sustainable, I wouldn't call that "number 1". There are better ways to improve healthcare, the roads, education, etc. But the parties in power are only giving the options of keeping things the same, or direct government control.

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Maybe someone can educate me because I truly don't know: Is the infrastructure in USA not of high quality?

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Some of it. Other things like the internet is sorely lacking. We keep giving the big cable companies both money and tax breaks because they say they will expand high speed internet access and then they get nowhere near what they promised.

Then we do it again.

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Because the telcom companies are basically holding our government hostage via regulatory capture. Please refer to the second venn diagram in this image which shows the amount of crossover between industry and the government bodies that are supposed to be watching over those industries to prevent outright theft like you described above:

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It was great 50-30 years ago, and now we're doing a really patchwork job at maintaining it, basically. The prototypical example of poor US infrastructure is the Detroit water system, which is literally filled with lead and is poisoning people, but they refuse to set aside the money to do anything about it.

But the federal government is more than happy to send aid to Venezuela because it fulfills their political goals. But meanwhile in their own country Detroit is left to decay and rot. The hypocrisy is very upsetting to many Americans, especially since it's basically theft of our tax dollars!

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I was hoping for the:

Education sis

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Never heard a centrist claiming the USA is number one. Only conservatives.