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If we weren't all falling for the race war narrative we could be addressing that.

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If only we all said no to the systems in place - media, msm, theatrical, surface-level politics that are for display - their system would collapse. It requires our participation.

I really hope one day people realize this. It’s the best solution I can think of and is also actually peaceful and non-violent (on our end, as a form of protest, versus destroying our own cities).

If everyone, or the vast majority, woke up to the divide and conquer strategy as well as all the other forms of manipulation used against us, and we all just said “no” and refused to participate in their system/narrative/reality, whether it be voting or tuning in for MSM/whatever, I truly feel they’d either be forced to negotiate with us, or play their hand and go all out.

If they go all out, there will be no more “theories” for the normies as they’re seeing the unthinkable unfold before them, and we outnumber our government. If they want to avoid conflict and potential (economic) collapse, there would have to be some kind of “town hall” meeting, but on state-wide levels where terms are set and an agreement is reached with their local governments, which gets passed up the food chain to the higher government. This has happened in the past; take communism in Europe in the late 80’s for example (Romania and Hungary) - the people said no and the communist regimes were shut down for “democratic, capitalist” societies. Unfortunately in both of these cases, the people of both countries were duped and the previous communist regime still maintains power to this day via family/blood and friendly ties, the regime was just installed into the newly “democratic and free market societies” - same people running the show with different packaging. We’d have to make sure that didn’t happen here. It also happened in South Korea a few years ago and only lasted around a week - the people found out about a secret occult cabal running their country with their leader as a literal puppet/figure head. They said “no” to all parts of the system and protested peacefully in the streets, refusing to participate in their corrupt society until this was addressed. And it was addressed.

From everything I’ve seen, saying “no”, and having a massive amount (or the majority) of a society drop out of the “system” overnight until a reasonable middle is met, can be very effective and is more effective than anything else I’ve seen in my life (riots).

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Saying "No" is a very underestimated tactical thing. Better even: Bring your .

Even better if you bring fire to the places that should have never been erected in the first place.

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    not going to stop blacks from being violent deadbeats, or immigrants voting and promoting anti-white hatred. Diversity only ensures constant squabbling over collective action.

    It’s a lot more intricate than you make it sound (and I understand and to some level agree with where you’re coming from, I’ve seen the statistics, but this is also part of my career path). There’s culturally targeted propaganda and psychological operations currently ongoing on a massive scale, and when you mix that with poor “manufactured” SES, you have an explosion waiting to happen. As for immigrants, they’re not promoting anti-white hate, they’re spreading it - that’s a huge difference. They’ve been misguided and brainwashed; who’s actually promoting the anti-white hate? Because that’s our common enemy.

    I know this is a big “what if”.. But what if all Americans, immigrants waiting on their citizenships, African Americans, Whites and Asians (and whatever other special group I’m forgetting), all woke up together, to the fact that there is a global agenda currently occurring (as well as targeting all of us, and playing one another against each other while they make moves in the dust of the conflict), and what we’re all currently seeing and experiencing (no matter how different, or culturally subjective) in the United States is a symptom of it?

    Wouldn’t it be more powerful to have people of every culture and creed identify and understand the common enemy so we can come together as one to face and erase it from our country (Avatar: The Last Airbender-Style), and work things out properly, and then (ironically), make a stand together globally if needed?

    Even if our stand was reserved to just the United States, wouldn’t it be better to have all of the people in America who aren’t part of the system, regardless of ethnic background, on the same team, recognizing and dealing with the one and only common enemy, rather than stewing in this purgatory of blame & finger-pointing?

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    You can't win a race war, all you get is Detroit. The squabbling is not necessarily unavoidable, it's just that race is easily used to divide people so where it is available the elite use it to divide and conquer. The solution is nationalism. If we all identify as American we can all get along.

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    I agree. The only question is how do we undo all the damage they’ve done dividing us and get back together? I feel there has to be some type of event that’s objective and undeniable that opens everyone’s eyes - something that’s colorblind.

    I was kinda hoping Jeffrey Epstein would be that moment but I feel people were so horrified by the truth that they decided to look the other way or deal with it with humor, instead of research it for real and see how deep things go.

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    Bizzi bizzi bizzi

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    It'll start trickling down any day now! Just you wait!

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      Literally all we need to do is ban anonymous companies so if people are moving money around we can see it.

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      Car bomb you say..

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      Rich or not: Most users of blockchain technology are still waiting on mathematical solutions to certain authentication problems and especially the double transaction problem.

      Putting all your transactions into a giant government surveilled tentacle database is obviously no solution to this problem. This one we already have and obviously it hasn't the advertised effect.

      People that want to stay in the shadows with their wealth and put an actual effort into this - criminal or not - are very hard to hinder.

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      The current system is completley hidden and so much stuff happens with the monetary funds that is scetchy AF, manipulated numbers whenever it's convenient, and clearly there is no gold or cash to back up all the loans they've made. With blockchain tech, everything is transparent and out in the open. It can be trusted because it can't be used as another instrument for the elite to fuck with the world.

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      That is why there is another quite meritocratic elite which i consider myself a (small, but nevertheless) part of: mathematicians and especially algebraics who were bashed for the last 200 years.

      Only idiots in this profession share all the secrets they know of.

      How to discuss your ideas with people you don't trust because they work for googol or a giant reinsure company ?

      I don't. But since i'm a schizoid character type this is quite "ok" for me.

      I usually break it down to analogies so that a friend of mine and my gf can actually understand and then i talk about it.

      My thesis on this so far stays: You can't automatize trust.

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      Hahaha wasn't that a funny joke when they said that shit would change? Crypto 2021 baby.

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      I do.