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You're in denial of reality, kid. Capitalism has produced the best, wealthiest society ever. In human history. Things are better today than they have ever been, literally. Even for the poor. Kings of old didn't live as well as today's welfare recipients.

But don't despair, you shouldn't worry about the future of the US. As a commie your entire thing is destroying the US. You must encourage things to get worse, much worse, only then will things be bad enough to justify the revolution you desire. Jeez, do I have to lecture you on your own philosophy? You don't even believe in countries!

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If current day America is the "Best" capitalism can produce, then capitalism has failed miserably.

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How can you even say that? We are fabulously wealthy, even our poor. I think you have been too long inside an echo chamber.

Either that, or you compare America not to what exists, but to some fantasy that exists only in your head. Then, when we obviously can't fulfill that, because it's a fantasy, you shit on us for it.

It's like the North pole; every other direction is south. You're at the Left pole, every other direction is right.

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The two choices are appreciating what you have or being a victim... of course the weak-minded people are going to go with being a victim.

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We are fabulously wealthy, even our poor.

You are either delusional or so twisted by right wing ideology that the truth no longer matters.

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Explain how our poor are worse off than people in the past. Try to use facts and citations to back up your assertions.

They're not, they're better off, fabulously better off. Consider the washing machine's effect on women. Or microwave dinners. It's not even funny the labor savings that has enabled women to be more productive and the families richer.

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On average the population is worse off. Easily demonstrated, just look at per-household inflation-adjusted income for the last 60 years and realize the number of workers per household has doubled since then, so take that into account.


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I don't argue with internet randoms. I made my point.

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Since 1959, the median, inflation-adjusted per-household income has risen by 25%. In 60 years. Compare that with the compensation packages of company bosses and tell me how great this is. But wait now...

In 1959, the average number of workers per household was roughly 1. Now it is roughly 2. So we doubled the number of workers and increased earnings by 25%. In 60 years. And you are bragging about the greatness of this system. You've been brainwashed, that's the only possible explanation.

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Capitalism has not produced any of that. The wealth of the USA comes not from its fake and communistic style of "capitalism" and false "free" markets. It comes from ONE SINGLE THING: The terrorist nature of the nation. Our dollar has been weaponized and we go around the world spending lives of our soldiers and killing millions of innocents in order to retain this so-called wealth. IT IS ALL BLOOD MONEY.

The weaponization of the US dollar represents a tax on most international trade, worldwide. What is our right as a nation, to tax commerce between, say, Germany and Turkey? We have NO LEGITIMACY in doing this. It is pure bullying and yes, that's economic terrorism.

In closing, the BRICS countries are putting together a gold-backed cryptocurrency that WILL replace ours on the international scene. When that happens, our worthless dollar will be priced sanely: virtually ZERO.

Are you ready for your $500 loaf of bread? That's coming soon.

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OK boomer.

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Lohbird, I hear you. How can a human being not feel something when enountered with the bad stuff spread around these days? The fact that you FEEL is why I have hope for us all. Please be careful and nurture that feeling towards love. You want a cleansing and a restart? You feel it needs to happen through catastrophy? Big changes happen so gradually that you don't notice it. Stay strong, have hope.

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One of the driving forces of the Left today is the destruction of the West. You can't build a social justice society in a capitalist one. You have to totally destroy the capitalist society first, then and only then can you start a fair and just society. You can't reform capitalism from within.

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Wrong. It can EASILY be done.

First you instate DIRECT democracy, where there are structures and systems in place to let the population stop any measure proposed by politicians if they disagree with it, and force measures that no politician is considering, such as auditing or terminating the Fed.

Second, you instate actual socialism. No, I mean ACTUAL socialism. Not the COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA false orwellian newspeak definition of socialism that most of you have likely been fed. That is the one on wikipedia's English-language page. That's false. Read the true definition here: Basically socialism (the actual thing, not the brainwashed BS you were brought to believe the term means) controls and curtails the excesses that capitalism is prone to.

For example, laws against child labor are socialism. Pension funds are socialism. Healthcare programs are socialism. Regulations on safety in the workplace is socialism. Socialism does NOT mean "the state owns the companies". That's MARXISM and COMMUNISM. Learn the difference. With the right socialist measures, overexploitation of Joe Average would stop. Individuals would be able to enjoy the fruit of their own labor, which capitalism tends to rob them of, EXACTLY THE SAME AS COMMUNISM.

Socialism requires a capitalist economy. But it isn't surprising that you think they are incompatible and that low social iniquity cannot be obtained with a capitalist economy, since the definition of the word "socialism" has been changed in a massive orwellian newspeak psyop to make you unable to think these things.

Both these things are fairly easily done, but of course starting from the place where the USA is at today, it would require a substantial political upset.

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Whoa there buddy. You're getting awfully close to advocating National Socialism there.

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Wait, YES I am advocating National Socialism. It is the best system ever invented. It took a nation from utter indigence to #1 world economic power in a decade. Just imagine if the whole world did that.

But noooooooooo coz the word "socialism" means something BAAAAD. Sigh.

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Given my username, I really didn't think a /s was necessary.

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It wasn't but I'm explaining for those who might have differing opinions. ;-)