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I think you forgot about the existence of homosexuality.

I didn't, though. Men who desire men are possessed of a female-typical desire, (who desires masculine men, most frequently? Roughly half the population.) and women who desire women are possessed of a male-typical one (who desires feminine women most frequently? Again, about half of every person.) especially when you look only at the physiological aspects. Sure, there are higher-order effects. No doubt.

What it seems to imply is that there is absolutely zero difference between the sexuality of heterosexuals and homosexuals (of the same sex) other than the target. This is wrong.

This is my point, and I'll gladly entertain your take on it. In all seriousness, I think you can see where I'm coming at from this. Everything else is the same! The only variance is male/female, it's... It's just who you want to have sex with. Phenotypical, adult, consenting partners. The anatomy may differ, certainly, and the attendant activities thus differ, but the desire is one based on sex, sex matters. Top/bottom roles among men? What does that reflect?

Maybe you haven't seen much yaoi....

No, but there's something to be said about that, isn't there? Why is it constrained to artistic rendition? Art, literature, as opposed to the domain of the videographer? That has to be resolved.