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One of the reasons why it's still private is all to do with a proud goldstar lesbian, and mentioning homophobia in the radfem community on ovarit. When the mods didn't like it, they privated the sub. I agree it is pathetic that it's still privated, and I even sent them a message to get in the sub. Never got a response back.

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It's still being private is really funny though. I know that them dogpiling me because I'm a gold star was what caused it but I didn't know that me bringing up homophobia in the radfem community was also an issue. Gay men also did that, were they also kicked out?

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I've heard of plenty of homosexuals being kicked out/banned for being anti-radfem. Idk why, but I've saw many people getting offended by you being a goldstar. I have no dog in this fight, but you have every right to be proud of being a goldstar. I can understand silverstars being real lesbians (or had sex once and only once with another male but never again), but there's many replies saying MEN/plural. I looked in the archives of your posts on btw. Like uh no. No real lesbian does it multiple times. That's called being bisexual. I am a bisexual woman and I am pro goldstar & platinum star.

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Gay men also did that, were they also kicked out?


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and then they wonder why bisexuals sometimes get a bad rap...

(no shade to my bi compatriots, I can separate opinions from the crowd)