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Christians are always complaining of communism, but they are more than happy to increase government control in order to impose their "values" onto everyone else.

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Communism has not done shit for gay people. It is yet another form of weaponized heterosexuality. No, it is not treason to admit that Trump won, the election was rigged and, and these freedom fighters are a well-regulated militia authorized by the Second Amendment to the US Constitution to do whatever is necessary to take it back All opposition to the GOP and Trump constitutes treason. The real insurrections were when they tried to impeach him and neoliberals committing literal terrorism in the defense of killing babies, including and especially gay babies. Any gay person who is not a conservative is not actually gay. Homosexuality and conservatism are mutually inclusive at this point. Liberalism has declared war on same-sex attraction and the only way to fight that war is to as far to the right as possible. Homosexuality is right wing because biological sex is right wing because accepting reality is right wing. Trump won. Accept it. We the people did not vote for a racist, tranny worshiping, neoliberal pedophile war criminal.

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All opposition to the GOP and Trump constitutes treason.

Are you trolling?

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You obviously are by asking that question.

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Drop the T and drop the ChristianiT.