These are some of our most commonly-asked questions. Rather than continuing to explain our stance on these repeatedly, you may be directed here for further reading, and then can follow-up with further questions.

We will update this page as need dictates, and/or when additional explanation is required.


1. There are right-wing sources being posted here, I thought LGB were on the left?

LGB are not a monolith of political beliefs. We support users of all foundations - left, right, or otherwise. You may disagree personally with what you understand as another user's beliefs, but don't go off-topic and/or attack them for having different core values.

If we say right-wingers can't be part of this sub and LGB, we're saying the same thing the TQ+ movement tells us: "we'll revoke your gay card because you're not playing by our specific rules". You can feel how you want to feel about the right and/or conservatives, but the LGB among them do have a seat at this table.

If someone is breaking our rules, report them.

2. Why can't I say "pedophile" or "rapist"?

It's not that you CAN'T. It's that we don't allow users to imply ALL members of a group are one thing or another.

"Trans are pedos" or "men are rapists" is factually untrue - it's your opinion only. By broadly generalizing with your opinion, you're targeting real people with accusations of serious crimes that have not been proven in a court of law.


1. Why was my post about mens/womens issues removed?

The most likely reason is because it focused on how trans people are broadly impacting men/women. This is an LGB sub, so posts must have a focus on how LGB men and/or women are impacted.

We support both men's and women's rights as they relate to LGB. We're not a platform for supporting men's or women's rights generally, or anti-trans views.

Just because you yourself are LGB doesn't mean it's LGB-related. You need to consider the LGB community as a whole, and how you want LGB to be represented in the future.

2. Why was my post about politics removed?

The most likely reason is because it focused on how trans people are broadly impacting society, without mentioning the impact on LGB at all. We are not a political sub, we are an LGB sub.

Our sub is not here to just discuss "trans people behaving badly", or trans rights being changed legally - unless those rights have a direct impact on LGB. The assumption of impact is not enough, it must be demonstrable.

3. Why was my post asking for clarification about this sub rules/goals removed?

We have a Sidebar, Wiki, and FAQs page (welcome, you're here now!) that clarifies our subs intent. Additionally, we have a sticky thread called "Why Do You Want To Drop The T?" which all users may contribute to and explain their beliefs.

LGB are not a monolith, and our users are not here to act as a reverse-AMA for those unwilling to research on their own.

Stick around, read our posts and comments, and learn about the vast differences of beliefs we all have.


1. Trans and/or straight people are posting here, I thought this was LGB only!

Allies are allowed to comment here as long as they follow our rules. There are trans people who support the separation, as do straight people. We will not allow this to become a sub about them and their needs though - this rule can and will be changed if we see it becoming overrun.

We do not allow "I'm trans and I have some questions" or "I'm straight and I totally support you!" types of posts. We're not an AMA sub, we're not here to debate, we don't have any questions, and we're not here to validate you for being an ally. These kinds of posts will be locked and removed, and repeat offenders will be banned.

Additionally, while this is an LGB-focused sub and a "Drop The T" forum, this is also the internet. Users often have numerous accounts, and can make a new one at any time. This is not a real-life private club where individual members can be vetted for authenticity, and we're not checking IDs or asking for secret passwords at the door.

The only way to do so is to make this sub private, or spend infinite amounts of time scouring a user's history and manually approving every post and comment. If anyone would like to volunteer as tribute, feel free to message the moderators with your proposal.

2. Trans people can be gay too!

Of course they can. But if a trans person feels they're LGB due to their gender identity, then we refute that.

A male who likes other males and transitions is still gay, he is merely a trans homosexual male presenting as female. A female who likes other females and transitions is still a lesbian, she is merely a trans homosexual female presenting as male.


3. What do you mean by "agenda-pushing"?

While certainly not an expansive or all-encompassing list, some examples are:

  • Posting about trans actions which impact groups other than LGB.
  • Asserting your political or ideological belief as the only real truth.
  • Promoting TQ+ or GSRM, or pushing left- or right-wing beliefs as dogma.

Again, always keep the goal of LGB representation in-mind.

4. What do you count as "derailing"?

Some examples are:

  • Posting a top-level comment on a thread which has no bearing or relation to the post.
  • Engaging in back-and-forth exchanges underneath top-level comments which have no bearing on the post or the top-level comment.
  • Arguing semantics instead of ideas.
5. What do you mean "no whataboutism", you're not allowing free speech!

We don't particularly care what you think about your freedom of speech in our space. Get out if you don't like it.


1. Why can't I use TIM / TIF / MTT / FTT?

LGB people and our allies come from a variety of backgrounds and political beliefs around the world, and we do not take a stance on which is correct. Gender-critical or even trans-critical content is allowed as long as it refrains from insulting/mocking/dehumanizing, and keeps LGB representation in mind.

We do not allow these acronyms because they're forcing language of a specific belief (Radical Feminism) onto everyone else, which is against the spirit of this sub - being free of any specific ideological influence. We are not here to cater to T or Pro-T, but we're also not "Gay GenderCritical". Using language which is specific to a non-LGB group divides our community. Additionally, users also may refer to the original "Timothy/Tiffany" understanding, which is mocking and antagonistic.

We suggest using the following terminology instead: FTM / MTF, trans-identified (fe)male, trans (wo)man, trans natal (fe)male. Speak in more general terms so everyone understands what you're saying without having to search for definitions or passively support a cause/meaning just to have a discussion.

2. I see people saying "TERF".

Quoting someone else, referring to yourself, or discussing the usage is okay. Using that label towards a user is not.

That includes any slang TQ+ and their supporters have created like "FART".

3. I see people saying "fag", "dyke", "tranny", or other LGBT-specific words/slurs.

Quoting someone else, referring to yourself, or discussing the usage is okay. Using the terms towards a user is not.

Not everyone has accepted and made peace with these terms or reclaimed them, and we will respect that.

Please message the moderators if you feel your comment or post was removed due to this rule in-error.

4. Why can't I say "mutilation/butchered", that's what it is!

Remember there is a real person on the other side, with actual feelings, who made a choice to transition and is now living with it.

It's a slippery slope from "expression of truth" into disgust and/or hate speech, and it's not our place to shame people into regret. The terms can demonstrate a lack of compassion for people who are victims and don't realize it and/or can't do anything about it. We're not hug-boxing, but we also don't want to pile on trauma to happy transitioners or detransitioners.

Alternative ways of expressing the same thing can be "harmed themselves" or "irrevocably damaged". "Surgically altered a healthy body", "lifelong health problems", "does not actually give you a body of the opposite sex" - those are some other ways you can talk about it as well.

HOW we say something is just as important as WHAT we say if our message is going to be effective.


1. Why can't I share about my own Twitter/Discord/new sub here?

We are not your advertising platform. We are not going to allow you to represent yourself as officially associated with us without approval. It causes too much user confusion and concern, and we're looking out for our community's best interest.

If you would like your particular case to be considered for exemption of this rule, please message the moderators


1. What counts as "brigading"?
  • Going to a sub you previously had no interaction with until it was mentioned here, and harassing their users. It doesn't matter what cause you're defending.
  • Going to a sub you previously had no interaction with until their users interacted here, and harassing their users. It doesn't matter what cause you're defending.
  • Sending harassing or bullying private messages to users who interacted with this sub because you disagree with their stance.
  • Coordinating a group attempt, or asking others to join you, in doing any of the above.

Here is a Reddit Admin response which should give you an idea of how we're viewing this.

1. Official alternate sites and communities

Our mods are considering a Twitter account.


The Ruqqus guild IS NOT US and we have no association or partnership with their team.

If you join an unaffiliated Discord, Facebook, Twitter, etc, channel - do so at your own risk, and remember to keep your personal and private information safe.

These subs may or may not support "Drop The T". What we all have in common is adherence to sexual orientation and same-sex attraction not being conflated with gender identity.

The page is linked on the front page of our Wiki, but you can also click this link to reach it as well.

If you would like to be added to the list, please message the moderators

3. Other subs of interest

From time-to-time, we run across subs that may not be exactly "Drop The T", but of interest to our members for other reasons - lifestyle choices, political leanings, support subs, etc.

The page is linked on the front page of our Wiki, but you can also click this link to reach it as well.

If you would like to be added to the list, please message the moderators

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