All rules are subject to moderator discretion, as well as adherence to SaidIt terms of service.


We will not spell out every edge case for you. Common sense and accountability are required. That said, we do have a list of common FAQs below.

You may be banned immediately for rule violations, or may be given warnings and temporarily muted from participation. You can appeal any action by messaging the moderators. An appeal does not guarantee a ban/mute will be overturned. An appeal also does not mean you will get an explanation or response - trolls and instigators will be ignored.

DO NOT send private chats or messages directly to our moderators about this sub. Chat and PMs are private and personal to a SaidIt user, and are not the appropriate venue to discuss actions taken on behalf of a sub. Instead, you should message all moderators so the entire team can review.

If you have additional questions or concerns about these rules, please visit our Rules, FAQs, & quick-access links post.

1. General Guidelines / Civility

All LGB are welcome here, regardless of background or ideology.
Be respectful of each other's differences. Discuss and debate ideas, not individuals.
No slap-fights or name-calling.

  • There are right-wing sources being posted here, I thought LGB were on the left?

LGB are not a monolith of political beliefs. We are non-partisan, and support users of all foundations - left, right, or otherwise. You may disagree personally with another user's beliefs, but they are allowed to have different core values.

Right-wing/conservative LGB people are welcome here. Left-wing/progressive people are welcome here. Anyone from any political party is welcome here, as long as they follow the rules and can have composed conversations about the issues at hand.

If we say right-wingers can't be part of this site and LGB, we're saying the same thing the TQ+ movement tells us: "we'll revoke your gay card because you're not playing by our specific rules". You can feel how you want to feel about the right and/or conservatives, but the LGB among them do have a seat at this table.

  • Why can't I stand up for myself if someone's calling me names, they started it!

We ask you to consider the LGB community as a whole, and how you want LGB represented.

You may critique a topic or behavior, but remember there is a real person on the other side of the screen. Take the high road, and remove yourself from the conversation if you cannot disagree respectfully.

If you have an issue with a user or a particular stance, take it up with them privately. Public fighting and taunting will be removed, and repeat offenders will be banned.

2. Appropriate Content

Why LGB and TQ+ should no longer be part of the same organization.
LGB news, concerns, history, and/or personal affairs.
Other topics must demonstrate applicability towards LGB or "dropping the T".

  • Why was my post about mens/womens issues removed?

The most likely reason is because it focused on how trans people are broadly impacting men/women, without mentioning LGB at all.

This is an LGB site first and foremost. We are separatists, and others may find this site seeking understanding of our stance, with no prior knowledge of the LGBTQ+ climate.

We support both men's and women's rights as they relate to LGB. We're not a platform for supporting men's or women's rights generally, such as "gender critical" or "the red pill".

Please be sure to demonstrate why/how LGB should take note of what's presented and "join hands across the aisle" of our respective groups, or the post will be removed.

  • Why was my post about politics removed?

The most likely reason is because it focused on how trans people are broadly impacting society, without mentioning LGB at all.

We're not here to discuss trans rights being changed legally - unless those changes have a direct impact on LGB.

While some politics are naturally involved in a civil rights movement, we are not a political organization. We are not pro- or anti-politics, so please remember to center LGB or "dropping the T" in your posts.

3. Off-Topic Posts / Comments

No anti-trans memes/mockery. Posts about "trans people behaving badly" are not allowed unless it shows a clear and direct impact on LGB.
We're not here for AMAs or outside debate - no whataboutism or "why do you want to" or "Keep The T!" posts.
Straight/trans allies may post as long as content is LGB-relevant. No validation threads.
No agenda-pushing, dividing the community, or derailing.

  • Trans and/or straight people are allowed here? I thought this was LGB only!

Allies are allowed to share here as long as they follow our rules. There are trans people who support the separation, as do straight people.

We will not allow this to become a forum about them and their needs though. We do not allow "I'm trans, ask me anything!" or "I'm straight, I have a few questions" types of posts.

We don't have any questions, we're not here to debate, and we're not here to validate you for supporting us. These kinds of posts will be removed, and repeat offenders will be banned.

  • What do you mean by "agenda-pushing" and "dividing the community"?

While certainly not an all-encompassing list, some examples are:

- Posting about trans actions which impact groups other than LGB.
- Asserting your political or ideological belief as the only "real" truth.
- Asking questions that pit members of LGB against each other.
- Promoting TQ+ or GSRM, or other similar dogma.
- Adding a comment to a thread which has no bearing or relation to the discussion.

Always keep the goal of LGB representation in mind, and consider our solidarity as a community.

  • No "whataboutism"? But I'm queer and have something to say that you need to hear! You're not allowing free speech!

We don't particularly care what you think about your freedom of speech in our space. Get out if you don't like it.

  • I thought no trans mockery was allowed, but I see posts about Jonathan Yaniv / Jessica Yaniv?

Jonathan Yaniv / Jessica Yaniv / Jessica Simpson / TrustedNerd is our one exception. He's the poster child for TQ+ who takes advantage of self-ID and trans labels to be predatory - the thing that "never happens". Special flair has been created for him called "Wax Muh Balls".

4. Disallowed Language

No implying that men/women are defined by gender. Men are adult human males, and women are adult human females.
No implying that sexuality is defined by gender. Sexuality is an orientation, not an identity.
No homophobia/biphobia or accusations of bigotry.
No racism or anti-semitism.
No slurs, crudity, or shock/gore.

  • Aren't you erasing trans people? They can be gay too!

Of course they can. But if a trans person feels they're lesbian/gay due to their gender identity, then we refute that.

A male who likes other males and transitions is still gay, he is merely a homosexual trans (HSTS) male presenting as female. A female who likes other females and transitions is still a lesbian, she is merely a homosexual trans female presenting as male. They are a part of LGB and are welcome to be here.


  • What kind of slurs aren't allowed?

If you have to ask this, you may need to re-read rule 1.

We do not allow anti-semitic terms or racism. We do not allow trancel, troon/troom, or any other slang devised to mock trans people. Language like that is better suited for subs designed to poke fun at (or highlight the ridiculousness of) social media users or social justice warriors. You may find s/TumblrInAction or s/averageredditor more to your liking.

Use of the word "tranny" will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Quoting someone else, referring to yourself, or discussing the usage is okay. Using the term towards someone else is not. Not everyone has accepted and made peace with it or reclaimed it, and we will respect that.

  • Can I say TIM/TIF? That wasn't allowed on Reddit/Saidit previously.

Yes you can!

We feel the usage of these terms has moved beyond radfem/GC circles and into the mainstream, and their usage is no longer forcing language of an ideological belief or cause onto others.

However, we do not allow mocking/antagonizing trans people by calling them "Timmie" or "Tiffany" - please remember the human, and that you're representing LGB in your interactions here.

  • What do you mean by "crudity" or "shock/gore"?

Do you remember r/NeoVaginaDisasters? Pepperidge Farms remembers.

Nothing of that sort is allowed. That also includes written phrases like "pus-filled axe wound" or "sliced and flayed flesh hotdog".

Remember there is a real person on the other side, with actual feelings, who made a choice to transition and is now living with it. It's a slippery slope from "expression of truth" into disgust and/or hate speech, and it's not our place to shame people into regret.

5. Social Media Content

Direct links to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, SaidIt, (etc) are allowed.
Archiving or screenshots are encouraged.
No self-advertisement posts.
No posts about being banned from other subs.

  • Do I HAVE to share an archive when I post?

No! It's not required.

There is an Automoderator comment added to every post with links for users to click to view existing archives, or create new archives themselves.

We encourage archives due to content deletion, so users who find your post at a later date still have access to the context and reason for your post.

  • What's considered self-advertisement?

Visiting our sub to post links to your own site without ever interacting otherwise.

Regular members and supporters of our movement may share videos/blogs/etc for feedback, but drive-bys for views are not welcome. We are not your advertising platform.

We have a recurring weekly post called "Sunday Social" where you may drop your links and ask for views to your hearts content.

  • Where can I share about being banned, deplatformed, or cancelled for having LGBDTT (or similar) views?

We have a stickied post (sort by "Hot") called "Banned From..." & Censorship mega-thread".

6. Sitewide Rules

Don't post anything illegal.
No pornography or nudity.
No sexualizing minors.
No doxxing.

We abide by SaidIt terms of service, and for the safety and protection of our host as well as our movement, expand upon their rules as follows:

  • What's illegal?

This can be considered as, but not limited to:

- Piracy
- Advocating for or calls to violence
- Defamation/libel
- Production of counterfeit currency
- Copyright infringement
- Child, elder, or animal abuse
- Buying/selling anything (we are not a licensed marketplace or retailer)

Whatever you're thinking of - if you walk out of your house doing it, will you get arrested? Don't do it here then. And for things you can do in secret inside, don't do that either.

  • What if pornography/nudity is demonstrative, like medical photos or someone's blog of their transition?

This will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and in conjunction with the rest of our rules.

If appropriate content, it must be in the form of a direct link, and publicly hosted on another site (no archives). Posts must be marked 18+ (NSFW).

We do not allow it to be here in the form of GIFs, images, backgrounds, PFPs, etc.

  • What counts as sexualizing minors?

Click here for details and assistance.

  • With doxxing, what if the person is a public figure and/or the information is already available online?

This will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and in conjunction with the rest of our rules.

If appropriate content, it must be in the form of a direct link, and publicly hosted on another site (no archives).

In general, we don't see much need for this sort of content. You might find Kiwi Farms more to your liking, if this is your thing.

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