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They insist on reducing sex to genitalia. No wonder why they call homosexuals genital fetishists if thats their train of thought. As a gay man, a male human is so much more than a set of genitals. That doesn't mean that a female can ever compare or their poor imitation is even close, but its not only about genitals. It feels disgustingly reductive

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This is just projection of how they themselves see humans like Mr/Mrs. Potato Heads; Nothing but body parts and gendered adornments ready to be swapped around at will. Viewed in this light, it makes sense why they put so little stock into the nuances of human physiology, preferring to instead emphasize dichotomous "gendered souls" and "girl/boy brains" as the most fundamental aspect of us; Because their own reductive beliefs about human biology probably offends them too. But giving those up means challenging entrenched gender ideology in culture and they're not willing to do that.

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I can't help thinking that it's as though these people have never experienced sexual attraction themselves. They really don't seem to have a clue about how it actually works.

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How the fuck do they live like this? How the fuck do you devote so much energy to such utter nonsense?

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I can only assume that they must have a LOT of time on their hands. And I guess that, when you're committed to something like this, it takes a vast amount of time and energy to keep the realization that it IS utter nonsense at bay. Maybe that's what living with a delusion is like? Being in frantic denial 24/7? Sounds like hell! Could that explain why they're so intent on infecting everyone else with this crap? Misery loves company?

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It's a religion.

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This is so confusing and I thought I was good at untangling this kind of drek.

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