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The mentions I find in reddit usually say that lgb groups are straight right wingers trying to fool the lgbt community. The ones who acknowledge our existence as something legitimate paint us as deluded idiots or hateful incels.

They are coping hard and denying reality. They excel on that after all.

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And that’s the most laughable but also enraging part of the whole thing when it’s the TQ+ that genuinely ARE heterosexuals invading and appropriating LGB spaces, events and groups.

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invading and appropriating LGB spaces, events and groups.

Just a normal post on r/actuallesbians...

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What does FFS mean?

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For fuck sake

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I laughed at the LGBT for Putin one. This is what you get for posing shirtless on the Internet riding a horse, Vlad-daddy. Just ask the Marlboro Man.

I like the hot takes on us as a community. "We made the whole country hate you as proof that the whole country hates you, and this is why you need us! Check and mate!" Zero point five dimensional chess masters, right there. We're watching people who can't swim drill a hole in the bottom of our common boat to spite us while we're wearing scuba gear preparing to abandon ship anyway, so of course we're going to sit and watch what happens. It's their boat now, they don't realize what boats are for, and that's hilarious.

Historians take note, these are hostile witnesses confessing that we are different people in different communities, and not at all the same.

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If this were a boat, they would use the sails to make pride flags, because we can't depend on the wind to move this boat. The wind isn't real anyways, it's a social construct. We are also in a pirate infested zone and they got rid of the cannons, because we can't live in fear of the bigots.

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This has me really thinking.

Are transtrenders actually useless idiots? As in, they aren't useful as a pawn, tool, leverage, or cash cow for anyone? All of their media goes broke, and really fast. They are a social albatross hanging around the neck of an entire political party, which gives the other side ammo, sure, but they prefer eternal wedge issues that don't go anywhere, and they want this gone yesterday they are so horrified by it. It seems even politically everyone was caught off guard by how awful this all is. They're pure poison to us, and are now the most active anti-LGB force in the world, JFC, Muslims are saying leave us alone at this point. Psychology and psychiatry live in actual fear for their profession if they try and tackle this. They're the worst PR that danger strangers have ever had, worse than Chris Hansen times a thousand. They are rapidly destroying themselves and their own cause.

Is anyone, anywhere, benefiting from this? If so, they deserve a medal for most astonishingly clever humans, like literally made fire out of two buckets of water and the vacuum of space.

EDIT : I just realized that we all almost forgot about the rest of the culture war as soon as Pride Summer started. I see a video about "woke" stuff and I'm like "wow, those were the days, huh?"

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edit: Also, I'm inclined to agree...

Is anyone, anywhere, benefiting from this?

This is possibly tangential to your main points (which I agree with), but just to clarify: are you asking if anyone anywhere is benefitting from the transgender trend? The obvious answer that comes to my mind is pharmaceutical companies. It is lucrative to sell puberty blockers to teens and adults because

  1. in transgender ideology, you're supposed to stay on these drugs indefinitely, so that's essentially a guaranteed customer base for years
  2. transgender ideology suggests that if you are trans and you don't transition, you are at increased risk of suicide (I almost fell for this fearmongering tactic, myself, before I went and read more about transgenderism and stumbled upon r/lgbdropthet), which pressures anyone who falls for the trend to actually start the drugs
  3. puberty blockers and hormones cause multiple harmful effects, which require further ongoing medical treatment, again for years of the patient's life, which again guarantees money going into the medical system

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Kinky men who want the world to see their bulge when wearing leggings or tight dresses. And paedophiles, they want a bit of that validation too. Sadly I'm being serious

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Yup, totally. There are definitely other groups who benefit from transgender ideology, too.

I just tend to the think of the money-making angle because it strikes me as perhaps the most difficult to root out. As long as there is financial incentive for companies and individuals to support the ideology, at least some will. If there were only pedos/fetishists benefitting from the ideology, I almost doubt whether the ideology would have ever spread so wide and become so popular. Sexist, aggressive autogynephiles are headline-grabbing, and reasonably so, but it's those doctors and therapists pushing puberty blockers and "why don't you just consider it?" on everyday kids and parents that I think may have a far stronger effect of convincing people to buy into transgender ideology. I may be biased, though, because that was how I got introduced to it... and like I said, it almost worked on me.

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I agree with your analysis. I almost want to golf clap for them being the ones to figure out a way to make a dollar off of this, if it wasn't so evil.

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This has me really thinking.

Are transtrenders actually useless idiots?

They started the pronoun nonsense. It was unecessary before because trans people worked on being refered by pronouns they wanted and it was only he or she. I think thanks to them we ended up with all the homophobic shit called genital preference and changing homosexuality into homogenderism (?) where a second after a dude says he's a lady a lesbian gotta be into him. To me transtrenders are a source of all issues.

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Yeah, male homophobic rapists who want to be socially acceptable male homophobic rapists. I still just cannot understand why psychology, psychiatry, medicine, politics, they all lined up behind this. I always thought of humans as herd animals, but Jesus, even a bison will kick a lion in the face occasionally. Humans being aggressive and combative almost seems like a hoax when you see all these authorities from all these disciplines get in line by nothing more than a frat boy in a dress with a fetish. It just never stops pissing me off how weak they are.

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Honestly, I have been seeing more (depending on the channel, usually those that criticize the whole TQ+ crap but aren't LGB themselves) folks on YouTube write about LGB in the comment sections. Usually positive, in more support of LGB than TQ+. Especially along the lines of "TQ+ are ruining it (support) for LGB."

Of course, replies to those comments can be 50/50. Either TQ+ themselves or their white knights.

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Good stuff. Yeah, I wouldn't expect 100% positivity at this point, I think a lot of hardcore TRAs use their ideology as an excuse to be overtly homophobic, so naturally that's going to come out more often as these issues come to a head. But even honest acknowledgment of us is a good start, and I'm glad when I see the positivity :)

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Most of the hot pro-LGB action that I've seen is on Twitter, and it is steadily increasing. Of course, Twitter has some whiney TRAs as well, but not in the same quantities as Reddit. I've also seen some pro-LGB sentiment on YouTube, as NormalPear mentions.

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Yeah, that's true, there's good stuff on Youtube too. Funny, I've found that I've grown to have a much more positive connotation of Youtube and Twitter for these reasons :) and a worse connotation of Reddit...

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Even if they try to lie about LGB groups but overall I am happy. Before no one even acknowledged LGB exists in any form, it was all LGBT and all gays/bis where somehow all uniform. Now LGB is getting some fraction. It's getting more noticeable to the point the kweers have to make up some bullshit why LGB is bad. So they either call you self-hating gays or alt-right straights. I personally prefer to be LGB ally than be a part of LGBTQWTF+. TQ+ is harmful even to me on many levels.