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I'm liking it, it's pretty good. I prefer not to read the comment section though

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The comment section for the most part is pretty good so far. A few ridiculous ones in the mix but most of the feedback has been positive and I'd like to believe that on the more crazier ones, I've been holding my own countering them.

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Welcome back Kai, haven't seen you for a while! I'll have to listen/watch when I get home and have some free time, but wanted to give you a "hello" first :)

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Thanks for the welcome and no problem! Definitely take your time with this one because it's a long one lol

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Was the timestamp intentional? Also weird you having a clickbaity title, might not get the kind of reception you want. It is a opinionated video after all.

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I'm not sure what you mean by the timestamp thing but the video is not clickbait. Is it provocative? Sure but all I say in it I mean 100% with no pretense and with all I dip into in the video, it's arguing facts and logic. And this goes into the comments I have been getting in how I am countering those trying to argue against me. A lot of them are doing exactly what I highlighted in the video via throwing intersex people under the bus, refusing to answer simple questions, and/or using arbitrary stereotypes.