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If only I were a cis lesbian, what a catch. The swing from cringey grandpa sexism to naked emotional blackmail at the end.

I like to imagine the video being acted out by Tommy Wiseau, and suddenly it becomes actually funny.

"Hi LES-byans!"

And later, post-breakup "YOURE TEARING ME APART LESBIANS"

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this guy would be a terrible used car salesman

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"Please, buy this car, sir. I've been through a lot... 😔" proceeds to do ten squats

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Sort of weird how he says (speaking to a "potential gf"): "My regular-sized clothes could be your oversized clothes," and then it shows his son wearing an oversized jacket.

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You just know that headband is hiding his receding hairline. (Not that there's anything wrong with receding hairlines, it's just that we cis women aren't supposed to be wise to their ways.) He looks like a guy, he sounds like a guy, and he manipulates with the best (worst) of the incels. Wow, sign me up!

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Lol it didn't even cross my mind that the person in the thumbnail was supposed to be a woman until I read the caption

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