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They say that we all need to stay together in order to fight against conservative bigotry, but the truth is that they need us to have any chance at survival. Without the TW+, gay rights worldwide might be better in nearly every country

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I don't think we'd be facing nearly as much conservative bigotry were it not for the TQ+ and specifically things like trying to teach trendy and controversial gender identity theory to elementary school students.

And then there's the public relations disaster of Drag Queen Story Hour.

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They certainly aren't helping. Perhaps you could say TQ+ functions as a parasite on LGB movement. Trans and Queers have achieved much greater societal acceptance when coupled with lesbians and gays (LGBTQ), while at the same time preventing greater acceptance and tolerance. Perhaps because in the eyes of many hets LGB is linked and one with TQ.

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It is very frustrating!

I keep getting banned for getting into it with these TRAs.

They can send me "shut up terf" pictures with anime girls pointing guns at me but when I say they have a mental illness (they do) I get suspended.

I reported an actual pedophile on Twitter the other day (I have screen shots of them admitting it and it says MAP and incest in his bio but he is still there so... Am I allowed to share the username? 🤮

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Part of this is just because it rhymes and they like it for a headline and catch phrase. Mostly they also know that they need to launder their shit position through a relatively popular position.

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need to launder

I like that metaphor.

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