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"Romantic attraction is even more mysterious..."

These people are not normal, they are not okay, and they should not be dispensing advise to children.

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The split attraction model makes things really confusing. A lot of those alloromantic asexual will hate the truth that romantic attraction originates from sexual attraction.

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I'm 13 years old (almost 14 years old as I said in the title) as I've never dated or even had sex in my life

Oof, the alphabet people are not going to be happy about OP equating a dateless/sexless life with asexuality. Also, this kid really needs to get off the internet.

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Probably a controversial opinion, but I don’t think it’s possible to really know what your sexuality is without having had sex. This girl is way too young to really know what she’s is or isn’t attracted to, as she hasn’t even dated or (presumably) kissed anyone before.

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I am the worst person to even debate this but from what I've observed people do the thing because of the inner drive - therefore sexual attraction. There is a lot of virgin straight people who never dated or had sex but they are certain they're attracted to the opposite sex and the idea of sleeping with same sex is very off-putting to them.

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Yeah, this is something I always struggled with to understand. While I do think asexuality or extreme low libidos exist, I don't think a 13 year old can know for sure. Most on tumblr were in that age range. Most of them seemed prepuberty and just scared, and wanting to belong to a group.

On the other hand, the current definition of asexuality is confusing as fuck as it turned in an umbrella thing thanks to tumblagh.

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Big agree with all that. And current definition of asexuality feels meaningless. Anyone can fit it if they really want to wave this label so bad.

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To answer OP from that Reddit post: yes. You're 14. You're in the middle of your puberty. You can't compare a teen questioning or identifying as gay/bi to being aroace. People really fail to see there is some difference here. In my case I truly began to explore my identity once I hit the age of 18. Before that I knew I was at the intense stage of sexual development so I could start feeling something I never felt at any moment so I never even bothered myself with labels. I was more like only questioning at certain age (when I was 16?).

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Most likely a lesbian. Nowadays, homosexual children are adding "ace" to their phases before they come out.