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Hey could we have a sticked thread that allows non-gay people to ask questions? I think it could do wonders to this sub help clear confusion that the LGBTQ+ movement does to people also they won't be banned unlike reddit where you can get banned for anything

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We can only have 2 stickied threads at a time, so we have this one and the Banned/Censorship mega-thread.

You can discuss pretty much anything at all in the weekly Sunday Socials, as long as it doesn't violate our rules on language or SaidIt site policies.

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I didnt know about these threads, thanks

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All site users should read the sidebar and detailed rules of the subs they visit.

This post gives quick links to ours in particular to make it easier for mobile users since their visual experience can differ depending on how they access the site. Desktop users can see everything on the right side.

I didnt know about these threads, thanks

You have commented in the stickies and the Sunday Social u/brucetao6969, and you send ModMail to me to post on your behalf ... so why do you claim ignorance of our sub and not know how we operate?

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For some reason I'm not able to make a thread. It says "Submissions restricted." How can I do that?

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Thread posting permissions are restricted to a list of approved users only, and we're not accepting requests to become an approved user at this time.

LGBDTT has a pronounced problem of dedicated trolls and astroturfing, so users need to demonstrate they are here in good faith before representing our sub and movement. We do hope to open up fully in the future again, but there is no timeline for it yet.

You can ask mods to submit a thread for you by messaging us, or another user you're friends with to submit on your behalf. You can also keep commenting until we're accepting new approved users and/or open sub posts to everyone.

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I apologize for the second reply and potentially spamming your inbox, but since you asked about posting -

If a user is not on our approved list, comments also get monitored/restricted temporarily. We do this as a sub decision, it is not a SaidIt rule or action.

At this time, LGBDTT removes comments from users who are not on the approved list, and will manually approve them as appropriate. So its sort of like shadowbanning, but temporary.

All users of this site can review our mod actions (including the Automoderator bot) in the public modlog.

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Thanks, NutterButterFlutter. I believe when the group first started, all users who came from LGB Drop the T on Reddit were included in the approved list. I was one of them - if you need my Reddit username at the time, just let me know. I'm not so familiar with Reddit terminology honestly.

In the meantime, I'll submit threads to you as I don't know anyone personally or any other mods, but I'll limit it not to inundate you.

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If you can send a Modmail with your old Reddit username, that would be great! I think I know who you are from there, but am not 100% certain.

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About time to do that