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Get the T out

Noooooo you can't exclude ussssss

Get the L out

Noooooo you can't leave usssssss

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Wow they've nuked the comment section.

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It probably turned into a battlefield.

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Julie Bindel has been labelled ‘homophobic’, ‘biphobic’

Obligatory: I mean, she is. Sucks that this woman is being painted as one of the primary representatives of lesbians...

That said, it's incredibly fucked up that the Get The L Out women were harassed at and kicked out of a freaking Pride parade. I'm glad that piece of hypocrisy is getting some media attention, anyway.

And why have so many gay men joined the extreme trans-activists in turning against us so viciously? The truth is that this schism in the LGBT alliance is nothing new.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, just blame it on gay men, Julie. Come on. There are unfortunately as many lesbian women (or at least, lesbian-identified women) pushing TRA crap as there are gay men. (Maybe more.)

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