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The first woman was saying there are two types of lesbians, they weren't talking about social conditioning they were stating some lesbians are ok with having sex with men, that what she wrote. If she was talking about what your projecting she wouldve said that, not that there is a "type of lesbian." The other one admitted she was wrong later, just saw that right now, so I'll leave her out.

The first one said there's a distinction and then "lesbians who aren't repulsed by sex with men." You put that in her mouth. Never said anything about pressure or being made to. Just that some lesbians are fine having sex with men. Which to me is lesbophobic, but people here say it's true so

I wonder why everyone commenting about this keeps moving the goal post btw. I've stayed by position but everyone keeps saying I said other things or talking about things that weren't what the post was about. It wasn't

  1. About societal pressure
  2. Experimenting
  3. Liking dick

It was about how there isn't two types of lesbians, that being one that is fine with sleeping with men. You and huffle made it about those things, because idk why insecure about sleeping with men?