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They never said your feelings weren't valid or that lesbian do dicks as a national sport. It's a talk about something that happened in the past... There's nothing that "slided", people have different experiences in life, don't stop calling yourself a lesbian over that... You're not a freak and you're perfectly fine the way you are, come on.

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Athelhilda4: I’ve never thought of it this way, and I agree. Sometimes I feel that the born this way narrative and the stories of gay people who knew they were gay at six year olds has created a culture where late bloomers are met with suspicion. Not everyone has a strong sex drive with obvious attraction.

MyLongestJourney: I do not see any lesbophobia and I belong to the lesbian-repulsed-by-dick category. Care to explain why is it lesbophobic to point out that some lesbians are not repulsed by dick ,it just does nothing for them sexually?

The quick, in a matter of minutes, responses of me saying that lesbians can't be fine with having sex with men, with a wave of saying they've had sex with men, or they don't mind or don't find men repulsive, which got worse when I said I've never been with men, says otherwise. If that community is full of women who have been with men and are fine with it, or who become defensive when a woman is has not been involved with men, if that's what the lesbian community is about, I want nothing to do with them. I'm not going to sleep with men, ever. They won, they can have the word "lesbian." That community is full of women discussing having sex with men, men, and is pointless anyway.

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I don't understand the need of finding men repulsive to be a lesbian. That's such a strong word for humans you're clearly not into... It gives them way too much credit. Focus on women instead and don't bother yourself. Overall being a lesbian seems to be about finding women attractive, loving them and ignoring men, isn't it ? You're making it about men yourself by taking in consideration the bullshit of political lesbian and so on imo... Fuck that shit. Celebrate what and who you love. But your frustration is also understable with the actual climate so... I don't know. Hope you'll get to feel better about all that.

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It's about being repulsed (pushed away) or turned off by men, and being attracted to women. Febfems aren't lesbians by definition. Lesbians aren't into men, or I thought that's what it meant. If "lesbians" are fine with men, then it's not a group for me. No offense, truly, but you're bi and I don't think you can really understand how this feels to have "your own" tell you you're some kind of outlier, or that lesbians can be with men. You have a bigger group and more people you can relate to, I don't, 'lesbian' have lost all meaning, my community thinks I weird for not being with men, and me saying lesbians aren't fine with sleeping with men is controversial. There's no point anymore. I'm not sleeping with men, I haven't slept with men, the "lesbian" community isn't for me.

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Not really no, I don't have "a bisexual community" I rely on. And a lot of women who call themselve bi are a fucking joke (no offense to the ladies of the sub, I'm just not impressed with the "i kissed a girl once when i was drunk and enjoyed it so now i'm bi" storyline. don't care about that kind of experiences and never will, fuck that). I do not discuss my female attraction to anybody because I have clearly no trust in LGBT places so... Whatever. You're upset (rightfully) I get it, and I'll never understand you. My point is, you do you and fuck anybody who wants to make you feel like shit because of your homosexuality. I'll leave you alone now.