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Don't give a fuck what other people think. Not even what other lesbians think. Just live your life honestly and let the people who don't like it seethe. Be unapologetic and learn to respect and love yourself. Take joy in the fact that stupid people are upset over the fact that you're a lesbian who's never had sex with men.

Signed, a gay man who's never dated nor had sex with women. And never will.

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Thanks for the supportive comment. I've come to realization that even though I don't call myself a lesbian anymore I'm still more of a lesbian than them for not ever sleeping with men, *didn't give into homophobic views, and always knowing I'm attracted solely to women lol.

Even though lesbian is supposed to mean a homosexual woman the "lesbian" community is filled with women that have been with men and were fine with it, *even view it as a natural process of being a lesbian, or they never knew they liked women, and constant discussions about how they slept with men. That's not me. They can have that weirdly men centric community.

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You’re welcome. Stay sincere.