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I have read through the thread:

So I think this is a genuine difference in how people experience their sexual orientation. I suspect I experience mine more similar to you, I am not only attracted to other men, I am actively Unattracted to women. But I am aware for some gay men that they simply lack positive attraction to women, so heterosexual sex is possible, hence the straight marriages etc. I don’t consider them bi because they only have same sex attraction, but don’t have that additional feeling that I experience towards the opposite sex (in a sexual context).

Having talked to some gay guys in that camp has helped me understand why I can feel very different to them. I couldn’t wrap my head around gay men who had had sex with women before, or been married for years and still said they were gay. But that’s because there was something different about how their sexuality worked. The feeling of wrongness about heterosexual sex is at least as strong as the feeling of rightness about gay sex for me, so it was difficult for me to understand gay men who didn’t experience that feeling at all!

However the pressure on women in relation to sex by society is different.

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I would also like to point out that it’s possible to force oneself to do things that you don’t enjoy or even find disgusting.

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I'm happy I never did that to myself. I never forced myself to do something disgusting.

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I'm one of the lesbians who forced herself to have sex with a guy in her early teenage years. I would say that if anyone is giving you shit for being brave enough to listen to your heart and not give into the expectations of everyone around you, they are just jealous and bitter that you didn't go through that quite traumatizing experience that they forced themselves into.

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You wouldn't say though that you are fine with sleeping with men and that makes you a lesser type of lesbian? Because this is how OP sees your experience. Just read her previous thread. I never slept with a man,but I am not militant/purist with lesbians who did.Because I am able understand many women forced themselves to sleep with men for a variety of non sexual reasons.

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To use some modern languague - being true to who you are is no bad thing!