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I don't think pressure from society will make lesbians say or do stuff like that. Your friends just seem like their bi. I really think we need to stop letting this stuff slide, experiencing homophobia doesn't mean they can be homophobic. When we let this stuff slide they just continue it. They were in college so they were adults, they had all that time to figure it out.

I've been out since 15, never was attracted to or was comfortable with the idea of being with men before that, never been attracted to men or have been comfortable with the idea of being with men afterwards. I didn't need to figure out I didn't like them, it's just how I've always felt.

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I’m pretty sure bisexual women don’t lay back and think of England while having sex with a man, aren’t disgusted by penis, don’t have to get black out drunk in order to go through with sleeping with a man, or disassociate from being with a man.