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L: Non-men loving men (males)

G: Fujoshis

B: pansexual, omnisexuals, queers (straights)

T: idk

D: Disabled people

+: Straight people

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This sucks.

Whoever this is could be advocating for what seems like a very real issue in a productive way but they chose to go about it like this. I can't say I'm the most well versed on this particular issue but I've a family member who cannot work, one of the rules surrounding his aid is he's not allowed to have more than 2k in savings. Some of the cutoffs for aid are ridiculous. Makes me upset to see someone do this weird coattail riding when they could do just about anything else.

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Seriously, if that's a thing—and I've heard about some of the Draconian restrictions on those on disability—that sucks and should be known widely and remedied.

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Lol what even are they trying to say anymore???? Oppression for the sake of oppression.

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marriage equality also means interracial marriage... I'd love to see her talk about that