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Well fuck. I used to be on ovarit, got a bit tired about several things as I am not really a 'good good radfem', and deleted my account because fuck it, I want to enjoy life. Anyway, I think some former TRA's turn into diehard radfems, switching sides but same behaviour as before.

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got a bit tired about several things as I am not really a 'good good radfem'

Something, something, class consciousness. Something, something, political purity. That's what they always say. Sounds nicer than "don't criticize us" I guess.

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You said it quite right with the excessive 'The personal is political', but I also got tired with the whole 'Nigel' thing, everything you do is because some dude wants it (which in my opinion goes full circle. For instance, not wearing make up because some dude wants you to wear make up, the reason is still some dude wants something), and the former die-hard TRAs.

I've seen a bunch of former self id'ed NB's going full on radfem, of course better than the other radfems, and it seems... fake? I don't know, I usually get the feeling they are just looking for a new group, a new identity while being VERY LOUD. One other thing that bothers me is that some decided women are always good, regardless of what they do. That's not how any of it works and worse, it could lead to covering up horrible behaviour of predatory women.

I've seen some homophobic comments before but they were usually met with clear and good responses on the circles I joined, and there was some push back against political lesbianism and 'being lesbian is a choice'. I've always hated that statement as it would make the bible thumpers in my native country have a point with their whole 'being gay is a choice!'. Fuck that noise.

I don't know if I'm making any sense as I'm rambling and my thoughts are all over the place due to circumstances.